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What is Salwar Kameez?

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What is Salwar Kameez?
01 st Dec 2016

A salwar kameez (also known as shalwar kameez) is made up of two parts. A salwar is a pair of pleated trousers which have a tight fit around the ankles. These are paired with a kameez which is a long flowing top, usually featuring embroidery and intricate detailing. 

What is a Salwar Suit?

A salwar suit is a combination of a tunic top and bottoms. The tunic could be loose or fotted and often features a buttoned placket. The tunic can be made from various materials including cotton and silk, and can be printed, embroidered or feature other surface embellishments. The bottoms can be tightly fitted, called salwars, or loosly fitted, called palazzos.

What is the typical length of a Salwar Suit?

Traditional Salwar Suits are usually knee length. However, there have been numerous variations in style and length, and short Salwar Suits that end at the hips and long Salwar Suits that extend until the kees are also popular.

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