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What is an Anarkali?

What is an Anarkali?
What is an Anarkali?
20 th Nov 2016

What is an Anarkali Suit?

An anarkali is a dress-like garment that consists of a long frock style top which creates a flattering flowing silhouette. The bodice of the Anarkali is cinched just below the chest and the rest of the frock is flowing, usually until the knee. The Anarkali is a variation of the Salwar Kameez and comprises of the frock style top, bottoms (churidar) and a scarf (dupatta).

What is Anarkali Style?

Anarkalis are often heavily embroidered, with varying length, and are sometimes paired with a dupatta. Anarkalis are usually fitted around the bodice and feature multiple panels after the bodice. The placket of the Anarkali might feature a high buttoned feature or might be buttoned until the chest level.

What is Anarkali Churidar?

Churidars are the bottoms that usually accompany the top frock style top. Churidars are so called because traditionally they are long length and gather around the feet of the wearer forming Chudi's (Bangles) in the fabric. In more modern times, churidar is often used generically to include all types of bottoms that accompany the top.

What is Anarkali Dress?

An Anarkali dress is an Anarkali inspired dress that is cinced just above the waist and features a fitted bodice. The length of the dress tends to be until the knees.

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