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Gaurav Jai Gupta at IAF Awards

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Gaurav Jai Gupta at the IAF Designer Awards
Gaurav Jai Gupta at IAF Awards
20 th Oct 2011
An increasing number of fashion companies are moving production from low-cost workshops in Asia back to their own countries and regions, according to a trend signalled during the 27th edition of the IAF World Apparel Convention. The convention, which took place in Mexico from October 13-16, found that efficiency and speed has become more important than pricing. This development offers hope for those countries in the apparel manufacturing sector that have seen thousands of job losses during the recession. For manufacturers in developing countries like China the convention concluded that this offers new opportunities, allowing them to focus on the growing demand from local markets. Alongside the convention, the 2011 IAF Designer Awards crowned Colombian designer Camilo Alvarez as this year’s overall winner. The jury, included French designer Naco Paris, Angela Peers of the Manchester Metropolitan University, and the Mexican apparel manufacturer Jean Francois Levy; they praised Alvarez for “his great combination of creativity and commercialism” and said that his “brand is ready to be launched.” Each year the award is presented to a prominent fashion designer, and aims to promote international designers. The award for the most commercial design went to Gaurav Jai Gupta from India, Emily Nasr and Keshia Abeysekera from Australia for the “best way of working with fabric”. The next IAF World Apparel Convention for global organisation for apparel products and distributors takes place from September 24-28, 2012 in Oporto in Portugal.

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