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Gaurav Gupta - The Flower Parade

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Designer Gaurav Gupta Goes to the Flower Parade for Bipasha
Gaurav Gupta - The Flower Parade
24 th Jun 2011
A lace, white sari made by Indian designer, Gaurav Gupta, was seen being worn by Bipasha for the City of Brampton flower parade. We would think Bips would want to wear something more colorful here, after all it was the flower parade but maybe she didn't want to outshine what was around her. “Thank you Brampton! Had the most awesome time at the flower parade today!," Bips said to her fans immediately following the parade. Gaurav Gupta’s work is known for being called, “a movement in art.” Having been named “Breakthrough Designer” at the MTV Style Awards, Gaurav must know the trend for summer is being white hot. Some of Gaurav's designs are more intricate than the one above, we suppose it all depends on your taste in clothing and how far you're willing to take it this summer! Click above and get to know this celebrity designer a bit more. As for Bips, she's off to Toronto where she's meant to perform at the IIFA awrds this weekend.

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