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Kausalyam 2016 - Gaurang Shah's Tribute To Indian Textiles

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Kausalyam 2016 - Gaurang Shah's Tribute To Indian Textile
Kausalyam 2016 - Gaurang Shah's Tribute To Indian Textiles
22 nd Sep 2016

In today’s world with the influx of new machinery and modern techniques, people seem to be forgetting the art of traditional weaving. However, Gaurang Shah, a Hyderabad based designer is making it his life’s work to revive the glory of the forgotten art of Indian textiles and bring it back to life.

Gaurang Shah has already earned recognition for bringing the vividly patterned Jamdani weaving technique back into mainstream fashion. Jamdani textiles are full of rich motifs and are quite labour intensive and time consuming as a result. Although the beautiful of bespoke finished products are more than worth the effort put into them.

Gaurang recently presented ‘Kausalyam 2016,’ a high end fashion show of excellent designers and creators who have been working in collaboration with Crafts Council of Telangana as well as weavers at the grassroot level. Consisting of a distinctly put together show by ten Indian models who highlighted clothing from forty different designers and textile artists, the fashion event aimed to showcase the diverse textiles and handicrafts from all over India.

Gaurang, who himself has a team of over seven hundred exceedingly talented weavers, has a passion for techniques and brilliant skill for weaving and is working to promote and uplift the people involved in this field. The fashion show was a reflection of Gaurang’s work and he hopes that it will help create a new awareness of the craft and provide marketing opportunities for the artists involved.

Image Source: indianyarn.files.wordpress

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