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Indian Designer Gaurang Opens Hand-weaves Store

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Indian Designer Gaurang Shah Opens Hand-weaves Store
Indian Designer Gaurang Opens Hand-weaves Store
27 th Dec 2012
Inspired by ancient Indian art of Jamdani weaves, Hyderabad based Designer Gaurang Shah has launched a couture store in upmarket Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. The store is set in a unique leisure ambience where customers can engage, interact and shop in calmness. Gaurang’s store will showcase ‘ready to wear and practical’ fashion clothing lines across womenswear, accessories with approximately 100 new contemporary, traditional and bridal, Indo-western wear completely hand woven inspired by ancient southern, eastern, western and northern Indian heritage like kanjeevarams instilled with classic kalamkaris and zardozi crafted by master weavers and embroiders and styled by vibrant fashion stylists guided by Gaurang. For instance the jamdani weaves with flowers, leaves and birds in his creations have a varying tonal quality with the colours gradually moving from pastels to darker tones through the breadth of the sari. The three-shuttle technique he uses bring different colours in each border. The designer uses fine khadi of 80 to 100 counts to make his fabric malleable. His Khadi collection is far from simple and predictable. He uses vibrant floral blooms, birds, butterflies and foliage themes. And none of these are prints. Each pattern is meticulously woven, in a combination of colours. Gaurang travels across India as he believes tradition is the life blood of every village in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Bengal and he believes that his inspirations are born during these visits he makes across India.

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