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Gaurang Shah's Saree for Vidya Balan

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Indian Designer Gaurang Shah, Indian Clothes, Indian Saree - Vidya Balan
Gaurang Shah's Saree for Vidya Balan
17 th Aug 2013

Gaurang Shah is known to work with over 500 hand weave craftsman across India to create sarees and dress engaged in a weaving technique called "Jamdani". Jamdani is a brocaded fabric woven with discontinuous extra weft yarns. According to Gaurang, this technique is the true reflection of Indian heritage and will always charm fashionistas around the world.

Not surprisingly, he has recently created a traditional Kanjeevaram saree with a lion design for Bollywood diva Vidya Balan. "She is an actor who loves creating waves in sarees style. When I met her for the first time, I was awed by her simplicity and understanding of sarees. She loves to wear Kanjeevaram sarees and carries them off with such ease and pomp. She is talented, smart and down-to-earth and excels in making style statement especially sarees", explained the designer.

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