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India Premia Runway Week Was A Success!

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Indian Fashion Designers Showcase at India Premia Runway Week
India Premia Runway Week Was A Success!
28 th Apr 2014


For the first time ever, the India Premia Runway Week was not cancelled! Instead it was a roaring success with all guests, designers and models enjoying themselves in the sun.

It was a surprise to everyone that after the success of the first two days of India Premia Runway Week that the NDMC cancelled the venue for the final day!

The venue was hastily shifted from Talkatora stadium to White Waters in Connaught Place, where the finale of the Premia India Runway Week concluded with great success.

The designers for the final day were Faraz Manan, Gunjan Soni, Rajdeep Ranawat and Varija Bajaj.

The designer Varija Bajaj stated, “It was an unforeseen circumstance but then isn’t that all about testing people, their strength and relationships. It was brilliant how the whole team stood up strong together to support each other.”

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