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Jennifer Lopez's Curves Perfect for a Sari

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Indian Fashion Designers of Indian Clothes and Designer Saris want to dress Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez's Curves Perfect for a Sari
10 th Jul 2014

The Indian designer duo of Falguni and Shane Peacock have designed styles for international celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. The designers say that they always try to make their collections that can be used by both Indian and International celebrities. But the designers believe that they have limited creative freedom when they are designing for the local Indian market. 

"It's always fun to design for Indian and international celebrities. Indian celebrities also carry themselves really well and do justice to all our outfits, but at times when it comes to designing for them, there are a few restrictions in terms of the outfit being revealing, use of sheer in the outfit and the length of the outfit, which limits our creative freedom. Whereas in the West we don't have any such restrictions so we can explore more in terms of designs, cuts and styles," Falguni Peacock told IANS.

Jennifer Lopez has been seen in creations by the designers on many ocassions including most recently at the Kiss Concert. "Jennifer Lopez has made her mark as a style icon and has always looked great in whatever she wears. She understands her body and also has the guts to take risks when it comes to fashion and style. "She trusts us to create something which matches her design sensibility always and allows us to show our creative side to the fullest."

Any Indian designs on the cards for the star? "We want to dress her in a sari but need to find the right occasion and time for it. With her kind of curves we think the fall of the sari would look gorgeous on her," said Shane Peacock.

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