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The Great Indian Futuristic Finale

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ABIL Pune Fashion Week 2013
The Great Indian Futuristic Finale
13 th Nov 2013

The final day of the Ganga Florentina presents ABIL Pune Fashion Week 2013.

Designer Dinesh Malkani designs that were showcased on the final day were all about the Victorian era with gold motifs. The garments, which were distinctly fused with Indian styles and clean silhouettes, had black, red and green as the dominant colours. Model and actress Poonam Pandey, who was the showstopper for the designer, walked the ramp in an elegant gown. 'It is for the first time that I have covered myself so much. And I feel quite beautiful. It is the best attire after the bikini', she said.

If Dinesh depicted what a woman wants through his collection, the grand finale designers Shane and Falguni Peacock transported every spectator in the room into the future. Displaying their 'Piece of Art', as Shane likes to call the creation, was actress Neha Dhupia. Sporting a pair of spectacles with the ensemble, Neha definitely looked geeky yet like an absolute sexy superhero on the ramp. Speaking about the gown she wore, Neha said, 'The one thing I like about what I am wearing is that it is edgy, sexy and beautiful'.

The three days of fashion, style and showmanship may have come to a close, but what makes this one a memorable event is the effort put in to showcase designs from the best Indian designers.

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