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Falguni & Shane Peacock's Collection at India Bridal Fashion Week

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Falguni and Shane Peacock’s Edgy Indian Bridal Collection at India Bridal Fashion Week- Falguni & Shane Peacock
Falguni & Shane Peacock's Collection at India Bridal Fashion Week
09 th Nov 2014

The designer couple Falguni and Shane Peacock showcased edgy Indian Brides dressed up in biker jackets, jerseys and masks at the India Bridal Fashion Week. This bridal collection was named ‘Nuitsauge’ that was aimed to take an interesting take on vintage. The duo based this collection to display what a futuristic Indian bride can look like by combining traditional outfits and styling them with a modern look.

The designer couple believes that to stand out and be original it was interesting to experiment. While the indo-western theme was the inspiration for the show, they wanted to show that brides could have freedom in choosing how they want to wear their outfits and that dupattas and cholis do not need to be worn in the typical traditional styles.

For the show, Falguni and Shane Peacock also changed the silhouettes so that the brides look futuristic and there is an element of mystery that keeps the audience interested.

The outfits were heavy and primarily used tulle fabrics and digital prints that Shane believes are becoming increasingly popular. The main colour palette for the show consisted of black, gold and champagne colours instead of typical bright colours that are used for bridal wear. Shane also believes that this colour palette is perfect because when wearing heavy jewellery, subtle colours work better. 

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