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Tête-à-Tête with Eina Ahluwalia

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Latest Jewellery collection by Eina Ahluwalia at India Fashion Week
Tête-à-Tête with Eina Ahluwalia
23 rd Mar 2011

Inspiration, sometimes can make designers do the most random things that make your folks say “But beta It’s not wearable!” Then there are those designers who can take a concept and make you connect with their inspiration instantly. Eina Ahluwalia’s Breathing space did just that with the Spring Summer 2011 collection. She drew inspiration from women who go through domestic violence and designed a jewellery collection that portrayed a women’s strength and fragility at the same time. In the video She talks about how newly married woman are often neglected and disrespected. Indian Goddesses and their weapons were some of the main motifs she used for this collection. Since it was supposed to immolate wedding jewellery she used 24 carat gold plating and precious stones, but usually she loves to work with Sterling Silver.

Personally I loved how she could take such a dark issue and create a jewellery line that is appealing, interesting, beautiful and above all else fashionable. Her jewellery had an element of self-defence, with spikes attached to rings and cuffs, which made the biggest statement. Not only is this jewellery great to look at  but also something a women could use to protect herself. Altogether an extremely relevant and well thought of and executed collection.
Psst! Eina I don’t know how you’re going to top this one next season, but I’m going to to fight my way to the front row to see it!

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