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Eina Ahluwalia Show at LFW 2011

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Designer Eina Ahluwalia shows her collection on the ramp - Fashion Week in India
Eina Ahluwalia Show at LFW 2011
14 th Mar 2011

Calling her collection “Wedding Vows”, Eina Ahluwalia had a surprise for the audience. Known for her jewellery which is valued more for its aesthetic quality but working around a different concept this time, Eina had stunning bold almost defiant pieces with a strong message against marital violence. It was another look at the docile bridal jewellery but this time showing woman as a Durga or Kali demanding that she be loved, respected and protected by her partner.

This message was sent through the imposing gold pendants shaped like daggers, knives, trishuls, bows and arrows, sickles and even a very grim skull teamed with semi precious stones turned into long necklaces.  To make a direct impact there were large pendants with the words “love respect protect” or square and round placards embossed with more messages. The final entry, a delicate hair band with gold trellised strands covering the face showed a gentler image of the bridal jewellery.

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