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Eina Ahluwalia - Fretting it Out

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Jewellery Designer Eina Ahluwalia from India - Latest Collection
Eina Ahluwalia - Fretting it Out
28 th Feb 2011

“Jewellery isn't simply about ornamentation but is in fact a potent assertion of the wearer's individuality,” says jewellery designer Eina Ahluwalia. In the city to display Breathing Space, featuring her collections that celebrate the woman who is “strong, independent and understands the aesthetics of the jewellery she wears”, the conceptual art jewellery designer says every piece that Breathing Space produces through its myriad collections reflects their philosophy of being “subtle yet powerful”.

On display are designs from five of her collections. “The Rose Window Series” is the one in which Eina recreates in sterling silver ten key rose windows which trace the evolution of this Gothic architectural element from the 11th to the 16th century in all the fundamental styles from all over Europe.

Her “On the Rocks!” line she explains “consists of bold neckpieces in semi precious stones and silver, only for the self confident women who can handle attention. The inspiration came from trying to achieve a perfect balance and harmony between natural semi-precious stones and silver in a subtle but startling way”.

While through Breathing Space, the designer has always brought in a contemporary flair to her work, her speciality lies in the fact that she borrows ideas from different periods in history.

Her “Byzantine” collection is a classic example of this. “Inspired by the fretwork on the walls of Turkish architecture during the Byzantine period, each intricately hand cut piece is a journey through time,” Eina explains.

It is simply astonishing how someone who does a stellar job incorporating concepts from the Post Modern era or the Bauhaus period could in fact recreate Indian magic through her work but Eina does just that with her “Kalamkari” line
She informs: “I've tried to revive and recognise the oldest traditional form of textile printing in India. This collection sets the carved wooden blocks in intricate fretwork of sterling silver as one of a kind neckpieces, pendants and rings.”

Her “Nature” series on the other hand explores different forms of nature through sterling silver. The designs are muted and understated yet are powerful in the message they carry.

“Forests of leaves, frangipani and roses, barks of trees, sea shells and coral reefs, seeds and buds and even twiggy nests, this collection consists of everyday jewellery where silver replicates nature.”

Stating that the signature style of Breathing Space is their inimitable hand-cut fretwork which is a technique that people from around the globe have come to love, Eina says they employ master craftsmen who are adept at retaining a craft that is native to this land.

Most of her inspiration comes from her passions — travel, literature and photography. These translate into capsule collections of limited edition art ornaments (sterling silver with natural semi-precious stones) each season.

Being a conceptual art jewellery connoisseur, Eina is highly particular that the concept that goes into the making of each piece is the primary focus.

In India, she thinks, this kind of work is in a nascent stage but she's all out to make jewellery which she believes is a non verbal expression of what she experiences, feels, thinks or believes in.

Alongside her brand, Eina also works as a design and marketing consultant. As Director-International Marketing and Design for a jewellery export company, she has worked on projects with brands like Aigner, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, and Porsche Design, and with international brand and lifestyle consultants in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Of Bangalore's woman and her fashion sensibilities, Eina thinks: “She is smart, independent, knows what she wants and won't just follow a trend blindly. To a large extent, she's the experimental kind and I see her as someone who can carry off my designs with the required élan.”

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