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New Indian Jewellery Collection by Diagold

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Diagold - New Indian Jewellery Collection by Diagold
New Indian Jewellery Collection by Diagold
27 th Jul 2012

Strand of Silk launches new jewellery collection by Indian designer Varda Goenka under the label of Diagold ( London, UK – 19th of July 2012

Diagold is an Indian designer brand for trendy jewellery from India, born with the vision of Mrs.Varda Goenka and her passion for Indian fashion accessories. The label was launched in Kolkata in January 2001 and has since expanded to showrooms in Mumbai and Delhi.

This Indian jewellery brand has been part of various established international exhibitions in Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bangkok and London etc. The designer jewellery from India created by Diagold reflects the philosophies of simple beauty combined with decadent classiness. This contrast incorporated in the designs is Diagold´s contribution to the world of Indian fashion jewellery.

The creations are inspired by aspects of modern life and the contemporary Indian jewellery styles are meant for people with an eye for something new. Each piece is crafted with soul and passion tested with the 4C’s test - Cut, Clarity, Carat & Colour. The stones of the jewellery from India are perfectly cut, the gold is hallmarked & the diamonds are internationally certified.

The woman behind the fascinating brand is Indian designer Mrs. Varda Goenka, a B.Sc Gold medalist, MBA and GIA Graduate from America, USA. In her words, "Jewellery adds a sense of extravagance to any and every occasion. Each piece of jewellery must be as flexible and spontaneous as the women who wear them". Currently on offer on Strand of Silk are a range of Rings, Bracelets and Cuffs crafted from Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other Precious Stones.

Her current lines of Indian jewellery including necklaces, rings and Indian earrings are now available on Strand of Silk.

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