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Jewellery Lags Behind In Online Sales Popularity

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Jewellery Lags Behind In Online Sales Popularity
11 th Nov 2015

In the lead up to Diwali, Dehliites have been the biggest spenders online. Food, electronics, clothes and gifts have all been snapped up online. However, one segment that hasn’t fared so well online is Jewellery.

Despite the high jewellery discounts online Delhiites prefer to shop for jewellery the traditional way, by going to their family jeweller. Jewellery is seen as a luxury item and as a family investment so they want to buy it from someone they know is trustworthy. In addition, most customers would want to be able to check its purity and certification. This explains why many Delhiites haven’t been tempted by the online jewellery sales this Diwali.

Gold Souk Vice President, Anil K Garg, explains that customers want to be able to touch the jewellery and try it on and that on Dhanteras they had “customers flocking to jewellery stores in big numbers”. An advantage of buying jewellery from a store is that it can often be customised to suit the individual’s taste which is not the case online.

At present consumers are still very cautious when it comes to buying jewellery online. However this could change as the popularity of online shopping in India continues to increase. 

Image source: strandofsilk

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