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Indian Designer Fashion for the 2014 Indian Summer

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Indian designer clothes by Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre and Debashri Samanta
Indian Designer Fashion for the 2014 Indian Summer
23 rd May 2014

The Indian summer has finally arrived! With the temperature rising and the sun beating down, it is time to fill the wardrobe with all those much needed light-weight and flowing fabrics to survive the sweltering heat. Apart from the usual white, soft and silky clothing there are also a vast variety of cuts, colours and patterns on offer for the summer season.

The designer Ritika Bharwani, who is based in Mumbai and trained in the London College of Fashion describes her summer fashion favourites, “From the fabric to the silhouette, make sure that it’s all about dressing stylish and easy. Pick up trendy jumpsuits, maxi dresses, crop tops, midi skirts and swimwear but make sure they are all made from light-weight fabrics.”

Anita Dongre and Debashri Samanta's latest collections reveal the ideal styles and silhouettes for this summer. Anita Dongre's classy, flowing garments are cooling and sophisticated with subtle pastel colours. Debashri Samanta on the other hand goes for strong motifs and playful colours adding an element of young cheek to the designer looks.

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