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Daniel Syiem brings his Unique Style to the London Fashion Week

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Daniel Syiem brings his Unique Style to the London Fashion Week
Daniel Syiem brings his Unique Style to the London Fashion Week
23 rd Oct 2014

The upcoming designer Daniel Syiem is really happy for the crushing success of his new collection at the London Fashion Week S/S 2015. He made his debut last year at the Indian Lakme Fashion Week, but this time he really stood out from the crowd.

The difference between London and Indian Fashion week resides mostly in the focus: while in India Bollywood celebrities are the main point of attention, in UK it all relies on the designer. Thus the lights were all pointed at his new collection “Amaranthine”: inspired by the natural beauty of Meghalaya, his homeland.

His creations have been received with great enthusiasm and approval, thus as Daniel himself declared, the public really understood his intentions and noticed the little details of every piece. Showcasing western style clothes like dresses, pants, shirts and jump suits, he raised a great interest through European sellers after the show. Several reasons and implications reside behind these results, but to summarise, as he said: “The material I work with is more suited to the climatic conditions in Europe, so we would like to tap into the European markets”.

However also in India he obtained great success: he took advantage from the hand-spun technique used by the organic fabric Ryndia, which uses natural colours like amaranth, indigo and ivory. Moreover the main idea behind his design, that is to introduce the traditional techniques of hand-woven fabric typical of the North-East regions, is one of his main sign of distinction. It is not a surprise, taking into consideration that also his father and his grandfather are social activists and work for the people.  Thanks to his fashion label Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House, created in 2011 with his partner Janessaline M. Pyngrope, he developed a collaboration with local artisans: Daniel is determined to go ahead bringing back the traditional methods of his native region and making them known to the world. With this purpose he is currently searching for textile experts who can help him in combining different prints and dyes. Although the situation is not so easy, also because untill recently, Fashion designers were not so common in the North-East area and were considered more like high-end tailors, the region has a great potential.

In any case seems that from the little boutique in Shillong, he finally managed to combine natural traditions and fashion couture, giving arousal to a unique and exclusive style.

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