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Cimmaron Kaur's Nyasa

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Indian Chennai Designer Cimmaron Kaur's Traditional Indian Dresses - Nyasa
Cimmaron Kaur's Nyasa
27 th Jun 2012

Cimmaron Kaur was born in Chennai and began her career at the age of 15 selling designer buttons. Fashion began as a hobby – Cimmaron would spend 40,000 to 50,000 rupees on fabrics and make her own clothes from her designs. Her interest in fashion led her to Dehli where she worked hard to learn about the craft and the business. Along the way she has worked with some of the top designers in India such as friend and mentor, Rina Dhaka and Kavita Bhartia. Cimmaron moved to Canada in 2008, made Surrey her home and opened her own boutique, Nyasa Couture a year ago. She brings 23 years of experience in the high fashion industry and a passion for fashion. Cimmaron has a loyal client base not only locally, but also internationally in India, UK, and the United States. Nyasa Couture is known for conversions; turning an old outfit into something completely fresh and unique. Cimmaron’s conversions are simply amazing. This is a great idea for those of us who have those outfits sitting in the back of our closets but hesitant to give them away and clueless with what to do with them. It is a great resource to have access to a local designer who works with you to create a garment. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Collections at Strand of Silk

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