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Bibhu Mohapatra Rises Through the Ranks

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Indian fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra Rises Through the Ranks
Bibhu Mohapatra Rises Through the Ranks
13 th Mar 2013
Indian fashion designer, Bibhu Mohapatra has plenty to be upbeat about. He has a brand new 5,000 square-foot showroom space in the Garment District, a handbag line with British accessories brand Bracher Emden landing later this year, and an ever-expanding roster of bold-faced fans, including First Lady Michelle Obama. “Coming to work every day is like a new start,” he enthuses of the showroom. “I’m usually the first person to arrive, and it really makes me feel like the whole day is waiting for me with wide-open arms.” One of his favorite aspects of the new locale is the chance to conduct private meetings: Previously, all the major business decisions of his career were made in the stairwell of his old office.

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