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Bibhu Mohapatra: the New Spring Collection 2014

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Indian Fashion Designers Bibhu Mohapatra Designer Womenswear 2014
Bibhu Mohapatra: the New Spring Collection 2014
11 th Nov 2013

Bibhu Mohapatra recently launched his new collection of womenswear for Spring 2014. His reputation for creating beautiful evening gowns has been built year after year and this season he is going to create an impact that is lasting.

The talented designer said that he was inspired by the theme of transformation, in his words, "I liked that idea of a new beginning".  The most remarkable pieces of the collection are a series of dresses, blouses and gowns dotted with embroidered baby tulips with a 3-D effect.

Vibrant digital prints of a fire-red tree flower were spread throughout the line in several colour variants with the aim to herald the arrival of spring.

Image source: thebestfashionblog

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