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Sharmila Tagore Remains A Fashion Icon After Many Years

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Sharmila Tagore Fashion Icon In An Elegant Designer Saree
Sharmila Tagore Remains A Fashion Icon After Many Years
22 nd Apr 2014

Sharmila Tagore has been a fashion icon for so many years now, from wearing elaborate bouffants to body-hugging suits and curvy dresses. Even today, she turns heads with her simple yet elegant sarees.

In reply to “Does cinema inspire fashion or vice-versa”? Tagore answered, “I think cinema has always been a defining factor for the fashion sense of a common man. Gradually, with the advent of colour, fashion reached a different level. Indian clothes were mainly in real zari at that time, which is now quite prohibited and designs were exquisite,” she explained.

Having worked with Oscar-winning designer Bhanu Atahiya in the past, Sharmila said, “She is one of the immensely talented designers I have worked with", Tagore added.

"Earlier it was not about wearing a brand but the ‘look’ was the primary focus. Today, with the media ruling our lives it is more about wearing what is in trend rather than creating a trend,” she said.

“Comfort is my key fashion word. I mostly like wearing chiffons, which is an ideal fabric for summers. I don’t like adorning too much jewellery and I believe being underdressed is much better and elegant than being overdressed and being laughed at,” she concluded.

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