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Less is More is Perfect for Contemporary Indian Fashion

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Less is More is Perfect for Contemporary Indian Fashion - Indian Designer Ashish Soni
Less is More is Perfect for Contemporary Indian Fashion
03 rd Feb 2014
The Fashion designer Ashish N Soni, one of the first to showcase abroad at the Olympus Fashion Week in 2005, discussed the colours and styles that are ideal for this season. For colours he stated that deep maroon, emerald, purple and cobalt are the perfect colours for the bolder women. Khakis, chocolate, greys and ivory are ideal for the mellow woman. During the Wills Fashion Week, Ashish N Soni showcased a collection called ‘La Dolce Vita’. This collection was inspired by the sensuality of the actors from the 1950s. For the men, the Jackets seemed to mold perfectly to the body as well as being paired up with big masculine trousers and crisp white shirts. For the women the dresses were highly decadent with swirling circle skirts. The men’s collection featured Soni’s interpretations of 50’s dinner jackets and tuxedo suits. The lapels were in fabrics such as mohair wool blends to provide luminescence. He also provided double-breasted dinner jackets and scooped waistcoats. After being asked what one line advice would he give Indian women? He replied, “The ‘less is more’ philosophy is perfect for modern India, any body type and our weather.”

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