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Indian Designer Arjun Saluja Introduces Essentials

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Indian Designer Arjun Saluja Introduces Essentials - Arjun Saluja
Indian Designer Arjun Saluja Introduces Essentials
04 th Nov 2014

Since Arjun Saluja first showcased his designs at Lakme Fashion Week in 2006 under his label Rishta, he has since become famous for his modern, atypical and innovative designs. His pieces have unique shapes; tasteful symmetry in relation to draping and the structure; and gender- confusing silhouettes. Saluja’s modern outlook has won him a group of loyalists who appreciate his unique style and designs. Hence, when Saluja first launched  ‘Essentials’ – a subsidiary of his Rishta label, it was well received by fashion lovers.

Essentials first launched in multi-designer store called Atosa in Mumbai while this new collection was showcased for his Delhi clients at Ensemble at DLF Emporio. Essentials still offers some of Saluja’s typical interpretations of silhouettes in the form of pathani tunics, lehenga pants, dhoti pants and salwar pants but he opts for a simpler look for his Essentials line as Rishta is already very cutting edge.

Saluja intends to use casual, mundane and everyday outfits and make them innovative and interesting. For example he uses overcoats and jackets and make them look basic. His colour scheme also includes somber tones of blue, rust, brown and green as his signature simplistic and uses extensive blend of contemporary and traditional styles for Essentials.

While Saluja’s Rishta brand is often considered to have a unisex style, Saluja believes that this is just a perception as he believes it is not just about the clothes but also about how the people who wear his pieces style it and carry it off. Saluja also believes that Essentials is more relatable as a brand and consumers will be able to identify with the brands aesthetic appeal.

As an increasing number of designers are confused between creating more affordable wear instead of just luxury and high-end pieces and Saluja believes that his Essentials line can cater to these options as Essentials is more affordable and has styles for the younger generation.

Earlier Saluja believed that his eccentric designs were important to make consumers understand the spirit of the brand and now it is necessary to offer a variety in terms of a diffusion line where the design label can grow with the market. Essentials is not restricted to seasonal styles and designs are innovated all year round.

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