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Tunics Suit Indian Women Best

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Indian Fashion Designer Archana Kochhar on the Ramp
Tunics Suit Indian Women Best
14 th Sep 2014


“When I was 16, I did an exhibition for which I hired a 1,000 square feet hall. I was younger then and thought everything is possible. It worked. I sold pieces and made money out of it. That was my foundation stone. People accepted my designs. When we see the world appreciate our art, it encourages us.” It was after Archana Kochhar completed her MBA that she started pursuing designing as a full-time career. The designer has been known for her wedding collections including Lehengas and Saris. “I like making heavier garments for special occasions,” says the award-winning designer. 

“Global sensibilities have set in,” she affirms. But she doesn’t believe that a woman must do something special to be fashionable. “Bringing out an individual style is difficult. Style evolves over time, it is good to experiment and dabble to develop a style statement.” The designer says that Indian women look best in tunics. “It is a cross between a salwar kameez and a t-shirt, which hides the flaws and accentuates a woman’s body.” “As a designer, I am inspired by my travels. I pick up elements and little by little, I place them in my creations.” 

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