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Dial D for Desi

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Indian Desi Designer Clothing by Anupama Dayal
Dial D for Desi
23 rd Jun 2011

She’s known for her vibrant and vivacious collections and insists that resort wear is in her genes. Fashion designer Anupama Dayal, who loves to flaunt her Indian-ness, was in the city recently where she showcased her latest collection, Short Stories. Anupama insists that the underlying philosophy of her range is to fit in and yet stand out.

She explains, “I think resort wear is practical in many cities in India. So in places like Bombay, Delhi and Goa, it can be worn everyday. It’s an organic colourful collection, so, there’s a burst of fluorescent and the accessories are made from children’s toys.” She is known for her blend of Western and Indian designs. And having had her fair share of exposure abroad, it’s not a surprise.

“My Indian-ness is my greatest wealth. I truly feel that when the Indian woman wears a sari or a salwar-kameez, she’s not completely in tune with the world, and it’s because of that I use Western touches for Indian designs.” Her inspiration, she says, is drawn from her travels. “It’s not just one thing that inspires me. For example, this collection is drawn from women empowerment and that’s why it’s essentially for women.”

Among her favourite Indian designers stand Sabyasachi, Abraham and Thakore and Amit Arora. Although, some designs can be seen as desi, she insists that 80 per cent of her clientele exists abroad. “I cater to a lot of international buyers, and hence the fusion of Western and Indian makes sense.”

On Bengaluru’s place on the fashion map, Anupama is quick to say that the city has a different fashion quotient. “Bengaluru always heals me. It’s very chilled out and practical. I love the fact that the lifestyle is cool. I don’t see such fashion in Delhi. In fact, I feel Delhi’s fashion is quite boring and in that context, Bengaluru is refreshing.”

With half the year over and more fashion shows coming up, the colour of the season seems to be flourescent. “I think we are really good with colour blocking and that’s a trend that I see making waves here. As for silhouettes, the look is long tunics with slits. We can translate it into the Indian context with long kurtas with high slits starting right from the rib-cage. It’s very hip,” she says.

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