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Anupama's Girls Need Not be Size Zero

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Indian Fashion - Indian Fashion Designer Anupama Dayal - WIFW SS 13
Anupama's Girls Need Not be Size Zero
11 th Oct 2012
Known for introducing the concept of bikini sarees in India, designer Anupama Dayal decided to pay an ode to all women in the country who feel unfortunate to not possess an enviable figure like the skinny models on ramp. She pleads as she says, "There's no point struggling to be an anorexic when you can actually enjoy fashion in many ways, irrespective of body shapes." Carrying forward the same spirit, her collection comprised flowy garments ranging from slim-collared printed tops paired with hot pants, loose-fitted knee-length one-pieces in vibrant shades of blues, oranges, yellows and browns, chequered tunics, tussled jackets worn over bikini blouse and bell-bottoms with broad borders of different shades of the same colour. "I love flowers but I have not used a single flower motif in my clothes this time. This time, I have tried to go back to my roots, derive inspiration from the village weavers of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bengal. You would find Orissa's 'ikat' craft being prominently used in my creations," she adds.

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