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Linen Collection by Anita Dongre

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Linen collection by Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre
Linen Collection by Anita Dongre
23 rd May 2014

Famous Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre designed a collection for the spring/ summer with linen being her fabric of choice.

The designer described that linen was perfect for the summer because it is fresh, light, comfortable and classy. Also it is available in various colours, it especially looks good in white, khaki or orange.

Anita Dongre stated, "Linen is woven from the finest flax fibres. It keeps the planet clean and green since the fabric is available naturally. It's a summer favourite because the fabric is lightweight, breathable and absorbs moisture and perspiration."

Another positive point about linen is that it is a highly versatile fabric that can work well as formal or casual attire. 

The only main drawback to linen is that this material is prone to wrinkles, however Anita Dongre provides a solution to this, "Opt for linen-cotton blends which are wrinkle-resistant, lightweight and retain heat more effectively than pure linen. Linen-cotton blend shirts also shapes and falls better."

Anita Dongre has some great tips for styling this summer; she suggested that linen dresses look wonderful with strong coloured belts to give a dash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

She also advised the wearing of linen jackets and coats with loose linen pants complemented by brown wedges.

For formal occasions she proposed the pairing of linen trousers with summer print shirts.

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