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Anita Dongre a Life in Fashion

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Anita Dongre seating on her studio
Anita Dongre a Life in Fashion
10 th Sep 2013

Before becoming a major face of Indian fashion, explains Anita Dongre, shops only wanted to apply their own in-house label to her products, rather than allowing her brand to flourish. But Anita refused and created her own label and store, having initially after studied fashion at the university of Mumbai and working for a couple of years.

According to her, in fact, Indians only began to understand fashion and to study and buy fashion in the last 15 years. Fashion was not considered an industry but more like a hobby. Nowadays, with 3 labels –little dongre, AND and global desi- 100 stores, Anita considered herself a lucky women who can practice her passion. For Ms Dongre, it’s the time to make India recognised as a country of designers and famous fashion !

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