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Anita Dongre and her Love Affair with Rajasthan

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Anita Dongres love affair with Rajasthan | Anita Dongre's Store at Delhi’s Luxury Residence - DLF Emporio Mall
Anita Dongre and her Love Affair with Rajasthan
04 th Mar 2015

Anita Dongre’s love affair with Rajasthan, which is also known as the land of bright colours and royalty has always been very apparent. Anita has been heavily inspired by the traditional charm of Rajastan’s beautiful architecture and vitality, which she faultlessly blends with contemporary elegance in her stunning collections.

For her new collections, Anita Dongre’s visualisation of merging heritage with subtle elegance has been interpreted into reality with the opening of her new store which is situated at Delhi’s luxury residence - DLF Emporio Mall.

The expansive 3000-square-foot space has a homely and appealing ambience, which radiates luxury but at the same time is not overly intimidating. 

Rooms within the space open up, with each individual area being brought alive with an assortment of Anita Dongre’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, which is skilfully placed on the racks. The collection consists of serene greys, block printed styles and rich hues of blue.

The Rajasthani artworks showcased throughout the store contrast wonderfully with the simple white and black checked floors. Anita Dongre stated that she has had frequent trips back and forth to Jaipur and Udaipur to locate suitable furniture to fit into her brand new retail space. She also stated that she spoke to a number of artisans while she was there, to work especially on the furniture she chose. Anita Dongre then stated that for her menswear area of the store, she hunted through old Delhi bazaars, and attained a variety of lithographs and old books on Maharajas, including actual photographs from the old days of the Raj, that she then framed to create a cultured and royal feel to the section.

For Anita Dongre’s lavish boutique, she has been methodically involved in each and every aspect of the interior design development of her store, from selecting the specific lighting to choosing the upholstery and furnishings.

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