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Kajol Looking Amazing in a Linen Saree by Anavila Misra

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Linen Saree by Anavila Misra Made Always Kajol Look Amazing| Kajol In Anavil Misra
Kajol Looking Amazing in a Linen Saree by Anavila Misra
13 th Mar 2015

Kajol always attracts everyone’s attention no matter where she is and this time was no exception!

The actress was invited to a brunch organised by Preeti Maria and for the occasion, she chose exactly the right outfit to catch the attention of every person present in the room.

First of all lets focus on the make-up. She opted for a smokey eye effect, fortunately really light so that the final output was a simple and pure face, finished by pink lips combined with a black bindi, contributing to the outstanding final result.

The accessories were not too over-imposing and involved just a pair of gold earrings. Thus the style, that was for sure traditional, didn’t suffer from elements of having been over-done.

Finally the Saree - she decided to wear an amazing saree by Anavila Misra. Anavila is one of her favourite Indian designers and Kajol often opts for one of her creations. Last time at the Hindustan Unilever Limited Uni Stars Event, she was wearing a heavy saree by the same designer, but this time she chose a lighter version of the same saree.

Completely made from natural linen and paired with a black blouse, the saree featured a square-printed design. The colours used were different: black, beige, maroon, etc. and the result was obviously breathtaking!

With a woman like her and her beautiful smile, everyone was indeed fascinated by the Bollywood star.

Source: Instagram


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