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"Cocktail" Fashion Watch

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Bollywood Movie "Cocktail" Fashion Watch
"Cocktail" Fashion Watch
09 th Jul 2012

Chic designs, florescent colours and tribal prints dominate the wardrobes of the lead actors in Cocktail, which is grabbing eyeballs for its characters that take fashion forward. Designer Anaita Shroff says making the ultra modish clothes was not that difficult.

The film is directed by Anaita's husband, Homi Adajania and it revolves around the lives of three friends - Veronica, Meera and Gautam - played by Deepika Padukone, Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan respectively. "Cocktail" is releasing Friday. "The characters were defined nicely by Homi. He was very clear on the characters and gave us a lot of information on the personalities of these characters. And having all that information, it was easy for us to understand how they would dress," Anaita Shroff told IANS.

"Veronica is a very fashion forward person. She loves fashion and is happy to flaunt her body. It was like mixing high street fashion with luxury designer labels as somebody like her would do," she said. "While Meera is a simple girl who came from Delhi to London. she comes in her Indian clothes but slowly adapts to western clothes. She is not one to flaunt skin and is shy. So even in her western wear, the choice of clothing is conservative," she added.

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