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Priyanka Modi Talks about AM:PM

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Indian fashion designers Priyanka Modi Speaks About AM:PM
Priyanka Modi Talks about AM:PM
12 th May 2013
Created by Ankur and Priyanka Modi, AM:PM has grew up quickly and is now walking on steady feet. Priyanka takes care of the creative side of the label, Ankur does production and accounts. Anirudh Birla, Priyanka’s brother, handles marketing and stores. Priyanka recalls, “It started as a practical, wearable clothing line, and at the time prêt wasn’t very readily available. It was either cottons in Anokhi or Rohit Bal; nobody really in between to supply aesthetically subtle, practical, wearable, fashionable clothing. That’s the niche we wanted to fit into. So that’s what we did, and that’s what we still do. We don’t show avant-garde because we don’t make that for our stores. Whatever’s on the ramp is what we give to the stores. It’s not something else that is portrayed on the ramp…” “The first few years were absolutely fantastic because I think people were just waiting for a product like that. We grew really fast — up to a certain level. am:pm, apart from being practical and wearable, was at a certain price point that people could very easily afford. Affordability was a huge USP for the label at that time. Now we’re, of course, struggling,” she ponders. “The prices have gone high, right from hiring a karigar to your basic necessities like petrol, to fabric prices — silk yarn has gone absolutely crazy… You don’t know how to justify the prices anymore to the customer… We used to sell our kurtas between Rs.4,000 and 6,000; 6,000 was probably our maximum range. And now the same products are selling between Rs.10,000 and 17,000. So there’s been a big shift over the past few years. Initially am:pm used to see customers picking four or five outfits in one go and not feel a pinch. Now they’ll have to think twice before they do that. Not that people have not adjusted to higher price points, but they didn’t expect that from am:pm. There’s been a small struggle there…”

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