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Priyanka Modi on Latest Trends

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Am:Pm - Priyanka Modi on Latest Trends
Priyanka Modi on Latest Trends
02 nd Mar 2012
Indian temperatures are set to soar and the winter clothes are going to make way for fresh summer wear. The new spring summer collection has already hit some stores in Delhi. Priyanka Modi, a?fashion designer, believes, “Floral prints for women are going to be a big trend this summer. For boys, I suggest jerseys and linen shirts to protect them from the sweltering heat.” In terms of colours, Priyanka says, “Two looks are popular. One is a subdued one including the low tone, neutral and earthy colours. The other look consists of colours like fresh mint, pink and orange.” Priyanka further adds, “The youth can go for colourful sunglasses over the regular shades of brown and black.” For office-goers, she says that besides the regular black and brown, adding a shade of pink to the wardrobe will increase the glamour quotient. “Other than the regular colours, working professionals can add a pink blazer to their outfit. It’s important to make your wardrobe vibrant and colourful,” she explains.

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