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The Pret Lounge By AM:PM

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Indian Fashion Designers of Designer Dresses Ankur Modi and Priyank
The Pret Lounge By AM:PM
26 th Oct 2010

This Spring Summer the hosts draw inspiration from the transparent summer to create a collection that exudes style, elegance and pizzazz.

Meditatively imbibed in its essence are fluidity, feminism and a frozen seduction, stirring the collection in an inexplicable trance.

In tandem with the laidback silhouettes, the juiciest fabrics have been sourced and served. Chiffons, satin- georgettes, silk muls and jerseys are swirled together to make for a soft, sensual, therapeutic mood.

Delicate prints, subdue embroidery, chic texturing and innocent styling makes it all the more plush. Gently diffused ombres are used throughout to invoke a sense of calmness. Subtle used sequence, thread embroidery; cutwork and knotting details give it that final comfortable look!

A preferred haunt of the preferatti, patrons include nonchalant beauties, posh heiresses and elitist minimalists. This sets the bar for a fabulous brunch, evening reveries or night time prowling!

Draped harem pants are coupled with open shirts, long flowing jackets with soft shorts, dresses with scarves and chiefs. Seductively syruped in clear ecrus, fresh mangoes, oyster greys, berry purples and midnight blacks, this collection gives a heightened sense of relaxation.

It gives you a reason to just sit back and…dissolve

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