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Ankur Modi on Concept Sarees

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Ankur Modi of am:pm speaks about Concept Sarees, Indian Saris
Ankur Modi on Concept Sarees
25 th Sep 2013

Draping a sari is an art which is also time consuming, but donning designer duo Ankur and Priyanka Modi's concept nine-yard could be fun for anyone.

Ankur and Priyanka have been known for creating easy to wear ensembles and their label AM:PM is focused on wearability, comfort and style. They carry it forward with the concept saris. The designers said ‘conceptualised around the label's signature, the saris have been 'pre-draped', making them formal and exotic yet drastically minimizing the time to individually drape and wear them’.

The duo have teamed up their saris with waistcoat and jacket style blouses which can also be worn with palazzo pants and multi-layered skirts and the price range for the saris starts from Rs.26,800 onwards.

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