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Designer Amit GT Seeks Larger International Presence

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Indian Fashion Designer Amit GT seeks International Presence
Designer Amit GT Seeks Larger International Presence
16 th Nov 2012

Designer Amit GT started his ground work in India, but chose to first retail internationally through his flagship stores. He says he wanted to concentrate on establishing his brand abroad for the right kind of exposure. He opened his first flagship store in India recently, and the designer says he had his reasons for taking time to open shop here. "I was making inroads in the US and Europe market. We actually wanted to make an international foray first as I believe it takes more time to build an image internationally. So I wanted to base ourselves in Paris and Milan first as that is where the whole world sees you," Amit told IANS. His label, Amit GT, is one of the few Indian luxury fashion and lifestyle brands to have a larger international presence compared to the visibility in Indian sub-continents. "The brand follows the universal vocabulary of style, quality and aesthetics that appeal to all cultures and nations. That is why Amit GT is fast becoming an international favourite among Hollywood stars, royal families and top socialites across continents," he said. "I thought its more important to cement myself internationally first and then come back to India," he added.

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