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IBFW 13: Adarsh Gill's New Bridal Collection

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Adarsh Gill - IBFW 13: Adarsh Gill's New Bridal Collection
IBFW 13: Adarsh Gill's New Bridal Collection
31 st Jul 2013

Adarsh Gill showcased her new bridal collection called 'Evolution - an ode to the contemporary Indian woman' at the fourth edition of the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013, accompanied on the ramp by actress Esha Gupta. The designer, known for her use of different jewel colours in her mesmerizing outfits, has employed different techniques of embroidery for her new creations. In this show, indeed, she displayed a selection of embellished silver work in geometrical patterns on short dresses, and fitted evening gowns and halter blouses teamed with black sarees.

As she explained, the whole collection is her way of showcasing royalty, opulence and extravagance through designing. With the use of extensive romantic floral motifs and geometric patterns, featured with vibrant colours like emerald green, royal blues, fluorescent oranges, purples and reds, Adarsh presented her version of Indian Bridal story on the ramp.

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