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The Home of Designer Adarsh Gill

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Adarsh Gill - The Home of Designer Adarsh Gill
The Home of Designer Adarsh Gill
28 th Mar 2012
Celebrated fashion designer Adarsh Gill’s home reflect her chic yet classical design sensibilities. Luxuriously subtle and elegantly stylish, best describes the home of fashion designer Adarsh Gill. Located in central Delhi, her home encompasses the design of an old and traditional colonial bungalow on Rajesh Pilot Marg, near Claridges Hotel. With sprawling gardens on both sides of the driveway, the serenity envelopes you as you drive towards the abode. While entering inside the magnificent bungalow, you are ushered in by the regality exuded by the beautifully-crafted environ. A small hallway from the main entrance area, leads you to the drawing room. Just after the entrance, on the left side is the guest room, done-up in Adarsh’s quintessentially elegant style. The drawing room is a vast area, beautifully decorated with exquisite artefacts, mirrors and paintings juxtaposed with the subtle furniture pieces. The drawing room extends ahead as a huge area which has been carefully demarcated by Adarsh, into two sections, with a mid-area in between, which turns into the dining room on the right. This elongated area can be used as a complete space and at the same time as separate sections as well. A little ahead of this area lies the veranda, where the fuchsia coloured sofa form an interesting seating option.Adarsh explains, “I preferred having a clean and spacious look for my home. I like clean lines. Since the very beginning I have been very fond of space. I also like to have different small seating areas rather than huge sofas spread from one corner to another, like a hotel lobby. Different seating areas give a cosy and warm effect to the home. At the same time it’s appealing to the eye as well.” One motif which is a quintessentially Adarsh Gill’s trademark design is her usage of silver. Translating her home space into a beautiful haven of amazing design concepts is evident in the varied exquisite silver furniture and home furnishings, which encompass her decor taste. Adarsh mentions, “Silver looks elegant and subtle. It has been beautifully and intricately used. The usage of silver in my home stands out because it’s not ornate, in fact it’s used in a simple manner. It’s appealing to the eye because of the simplicity of the designs, and it’s not overtly carved and too ostentatious.” From the centrally located drawing-cum-living room area, branches out the library on the left and then follows Adarsh’s bedroom. Further a little ahead one can’t miss the beautiful view of the pool besides the garden, which is visible from the glass windows. Adarsh normally likes to spend time either in the library or bedroom. She prefers to unwind in the veranda outside the drawing room, when she entertains friends over. Mostly the shades used in the fabric of the tapestry, curtains, walls, wood-work and other aspects are subtle. The muted shades of blue in the walls, give a subtle texture to it, which aid the process of accentuating the paintings which are hung on various walls. She says, “I have collected these paintings gradually over a period of time. The collection of my painting include works by artists such as Satish Gujral, G R Santosh, Vasundhara Tiwari, a few of Souzas and several others. I have chosen subtle tones for the walls which help in accentuating the paintings.” When asked about what are the five most important things in her home, without which her home would look incomplete? Adarsh says, “For me the most important aspects without which my home would be incomplete includes space, the size, chandeliers, mirrors and the silver furniture.” A key aspect of her home is the inclusion of nature within as well as outside her home. She is especially very fond of greenery and prefers being close to nature. Adarsh says, “The doors and windows of my home are made of glass which allow a good amount of sunlight to come into the house. So it doesn’t become claustrophobic.” Even plants have been placed inside the house, which reflect her fondness for nature. Even the outside expanse of the lush gardens are admirable, highlighted by the water fountain on one side. With an exquisitely innovative and subtly luxurious environ, Adarsh’s home leaves you mesmerized beyond belief.

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