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Payal Jain - Ode to Fashion

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Indian Fashion Designers Abraham & Thakore in Payal Jain's Musical
Payal Jain - Ode to Fashion
27 th Nov 2011
It was an evening of music, romance, and of course fashion. Designer Payal Jain unveiled her holiday collection 'Raga' at Hyatt Regency, Delhi that struck a cord in its representation of human emotions in varied silhouettes with a rhythmic transition of colours, forms and textures. The poolside lawns glittered with candlelights strategically placed around its circumference and the diameter of the pool border doubled as the runway plank for the models to stroll down. Speaking about her collection, designer Payal Jain said, "Indian music has been an intrinsic part of my growing up years. Listening to legendary maestros like Pandit Ravi Shankar was almost a culture in my family, and today they are a source of my creative expression. My collection wishes to harmonise the musical notes with the stitching of fabrics, thus creating a synthesis between classical heritage of Indian music and designs of the contemporary." Theme and atmospherics: As the lights dimmed, the hexagonal poolside platform sparkled in all brilliance. As models cut through the sheet of smoke that blanketed the huge wall embossed in musical notes of 'Sa Re Ga Ma', the sight was musically picturesque! The poetic atmosphere swayed with the symphony of raga tunes playing in the background to the rhythm of which the models sashayed down the runway in exquisite outfits exuding tenderness and sensuality with every stride. A mystical musical journey: Like there are different ragas depicting different periods of the day, the show too followed a similar trajectory. For instance, if Raga 'Bhairavi' is sung at the break of dawn, the tapestry of silhouettes began with a day-wear look which moved on to structured and sculpted work wear finally graduating to exotic evening ensembles. Models of the likes of Nayanika Chatterjee, Nethra Raghuraman, Carol Gracious and Indrani Dasgupta looked sultry in evening wear and elegant in intricately designed saris and traditional trousseau. Says Payal, "The interpretation may be modern but the soul is purely Indian and that is the reason why I have used a lot of Indian textiles and embroidered fabrics to keep the traditional charm intact". Colour palette: The colour palette comprised delicate creams, rouges and blacks. Moreover, the colours replicated the hues that characterise the cycle of day and night. Apart from the cosmological significance, the colours indicated the myriad moods of femininity such as tolerance, compassion and love that manifested in lighter shades while emotions of strength, magnanimity and sensuality got translated in darker hues. The colour range and the choice of fabrics had been such that every outfit conveyed either an aspect of womanhood or timelessness. Style and design: Sequined jumpsuits, flowy evening gowns, saris coupled with multi-layered leather belts with buckles in shades of red, chic cocktail dresses, corsets that sometimes changed into shredded style and crepe look with intricate embroidery done on the arms composed the proficient trousseau detailing. Textured silk jerseys, stretch lace, applique jersey, crepe georgette, silk taffeta and shantung were some of the prominent fabrics that were on display in different lengths and symmetry. The dresses are priced upwards of Rs. 5,000/-. Cocktails and dinner: It being a early winter evening, the steaming food delicacies and the complimentary cocktails and drinks at the counters stationed at a distance away from the poolside were a welcoming treat. The open-air venue added to the overall atmosphere of the fashionable do. Guests at the do: FDCI President Sunil Sethi, designers David Abraham from the label Abraham and Thakore, Reynu Tandon, Ambika Pillai and many others from the fashion fraternity in addition to a sizeable number of foreign buyers and socialites were present at the event. Timothy Bruce, General Manager, Hyatt Regency and wife Soma were the host for the evening.

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