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Aviva Bidapa presents A&T

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Aviva Bidapa and models in creations by Contemporary Designers Abraham & Thakore
Aviva Bidapa presents A&T
03 rd Dec 2009

Her father is, what they like to call, the Fashion Guru of India, and now his only daughter who looks nothing older than a teenage girl herself, has already plunged into high fashion.

Today, she is already assisting her father, who is a fashion consultant in the city, and a name known to all the fashion fraternities from across the country; she is Aviva Bidapa.

Aviva, was seen at Abraham & Thakore store yesterday, when she presented the Festive Collection by the designers. Speaking on the designs, Aviva said, “The designs are elegant and they make you feel completely like a diva. People have always thought that beauty and pain have been together, but these designs just contradict that. They are very comfortable to wear and make you feel good at all times.”

Showcasing the designs were some of the Bangalore-based models who sashayed in the store. The intricate details and the touchy embroidery were good enough to give the testimony on how classy the designs were. Niharika Nag, one of the models, said, “It’s a very comfortable wear and I just love being in it. The designs look subtle, yet they have a very luxurious appeal, and the fine details just make you want more of it.”

Whilst, it was the designs that did the trick for Niharika, Dayana Erappa, another model adds: “They are very different, not something that you get to see often. I have loved it for one simple reason: they are very, very comfortable. Atop, the material, I feel, helps to give that extra comfort. It has been a great experience to have been a part of the show.”  

Abraham & Thakore is one of India’s most successful and respected design resources for fashion and accessories as well as textile products for the home. Speaking more on the collection Aviva said, “They are just a league apart. I think, there work shows anything but their true credentials, and I just love them. I think this line will do well, and more people should be discovering them in days’ to come.” She added, “They experiment with a woman’s body and the final result is just exceptional.”  

Over the years, each of Abraham & Thakore Collection continues the exploration of developing a quiet and modern design voice while simultaneously drawing on the rich traditional vocabulary of Indian design and craft. The design sensibility is low key, yet highly distinctive, with a strong respect for material, form and craft.

In late 2002, the first Abraham & Thakore shop was opened in New Delhi, followed by the second store at The Courtyard in Mumbai, and the third opened in Bangalore on Vittal Mallya Road in January 2005. A new store is now open at the Emporio Mall in New Delhi. The collection is also available in leading outlets across the country.

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