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Abraham & Thakore Furnishings

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Indian Fashion and Textile Designers Abraham & Thakore
Abraham & Thakore Furnishings
09 th Jul 2011
Designers David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore known for their clothing are making an impact with their furnishing line. One of the reasons for their entry in furnishing is the changing mindset of the urban Indian, especially in the metros. While setting up their homes, they want the best. And there are very limited options when it comes to designer furnishings in the Indian market. It is still at a nascent stage. Giving opportunities for designers like David and Thakore to be the sole leaders. Like their clothing line, the furnishing is contemporary and understated and uses basic hues like white, black and grey. Abraham and Thakore are best known for their minimalistic and Zen-like designs. Another highlight is their superb choice of fabric. They mostly work with hand-woven materials. Using conventional materials like cotton and linen in unconventional ways is their trademark. Geometric patterns and subtle floral motifs recur. You might find the same flower on many of their garments – in some cases, it will be woven, or embroidered or beaded. Saris also form part of the A&T repertoire. But at the heart of every single creation is the weave. The duo first made a reputation abroad, selling to upmarket London stores like The Conran Shop. Later they moved to retailing in India. Their philosophy lies is using minimal design elements and making the most out of them. They say that home furnishing is a big market in India and are trying to tap that. They feel there’s a lot of space for everyone. The ones who have understood the potential have gone ahead and started their own labels.

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