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Story of Brand Abraham & Thakore

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A story of a successful brand : Abraham & Thakore | David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore
Story of Brand Abraham & Thakore
26 th Oct 2014

There is no denying that Abraham & Thakore is not only one of the more famous and successful Indian fashion labels in India, but also around the world. The label was founded by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore. The brand is known for Indian fashion clothes, accessories and home textile products. There is a fascinating story that needs to be told in order to fully understand how the brand first started and evolved to become truly successful.

The designer duo, David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore first met as fellow classmates at the National Institute of Design in Ahmadabad. Once they graduated, the designers went their separate ways and worked for different companies for many years. After accumulating experiences, David and Rakesh did not wish to work for someone else and as such, they decided to set up their own business, which led to the creation of the Abraham & Thakore brand.

With their skilled vision of the fashion industry, at this time in India, they experienced a lack of opportunities. Therefore they started selling abroad for their first six years with their first collection launching in London. Only after they first started selling in India did the market grow more interesting, over the last five years. Now the potential for the fashion industry in India has grown such that the market is as important as their export market.   

What makes their label stand out from the others? First, this obviously requires a strong understanding of the market by these two experienced designers. Further, unlike a majority of designers who buy their fabric, the designer duo create their own fabric for their designs. They refer to themselves as “fabric driven fashion designers.” Moreover they manage to effectively use Indian traditions with a modern vision and aesthetic. The designers believe that solely focusing on traditional Indian crafts and textiles is not the right way forward, but it is essential to try to adapt their design language towards the modern and contemporary language people speak. It is also important to speak a global language through the designs and to appeal and be understood by consumers all around the world. Finally, Abraham & Thakore choose to stay true to their beliefs by creating pieces they would wear themselves, giving their designs a very personal appeal.

Recently, Abraham & Thakore showcased their collection at Colombo Fashion Week Resort, held in Sri Lanka. They wowed the audience with a finale show that had never previously been experienced at this fashion week.  For their collection the designers used very Indian specific techniques and fabrics. David Abraham explained that they showed designs that they thought effectively reflected their attitude.

For aspiring designers, David Abraham affirms that you always have to believe in what you are doing even if it can be really difficult sometimes. The key is to sticking to your beliefs no matter what other people will say.

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