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Abraham Thakore - Garvi Gujarat

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Designer Abraham Thakore Garvi Gujarat Collection
Abraham Thakore - Garvi Gujarat
12 th Jul 2012

In seeing Abraham Thakore's Autumn Winter ’12 collection, the Garvi Gujarat anthem is stirred in our memories. Earthy, rooted and wonderfully representative of the sun, the heat, the mud, the rain and the life of Gujarat — the latest collection from Abraham & Thakore is simply and irresistibly inspiring! “We both (David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore) met at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and so one day, we knew we’d go back to that vivid land, to be inspired, re-inspired rather by the beauty and the love that the Gujaratis abound in,” opens up the good-looking-for-his-age Rakesh Thakore as we catch up with him just before his preview of the collection in Bangalore. One look through the collection, that abounds in dresses, saris, coats, tunics and trousers, shows you that the duo have stayed faithful to their western silhouettes, this time, however, wonderfully incorporating inspirations from the East — the East here being Gujarat. “Since this collection is so heavily dependant on Indian craftsmanship, we have taken extra precautions to ensure that the fabric we source is of the quality that our clientele trusts us for. This, however, is not too much of a problem as we have worked with a specific group of people in the state before and now are quite assured of their quality. However, to ensure that these clothes are exactly how we imagined them to be, we do take that extra bit of precaution and still thoroughly check our raw material before we create anything,” explains Rakesh. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Collections at Strand of Silk

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