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Abraham & Thakore's Silk Autumn/Winter Collection

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Indian Fashion Designers Abraham & Thakore's Silk Autumn/Winter Collection
Abraham & Thakore's Silk Autumn/Winter Collection
08 th Apr 2014

Abraham & Thakore’s Autumn/Winter collection was incredibly popular and this was mainly due to the exquisite silk featured throughout their designs. Their silk was sourced from different parts of India. The wild silk Muga and Tussar was collected from the Bihar and the North-East. This silk was then woven in Andhra Pradesh and in Varanasi to weave with brocade. The collection was defined by the innovative print such as leopard-print effect created with digital printing as well as embroidery. The collection was glamorous, urban but with the right amount of Indian aesthetic. The clothes were in shades of black, gold and Khaki with slim tussar pants, wrap skirts, stitched half-saris and animal print trench coats. The models were styled with leather straps, gelled hair, nude lips and dark eye makeup.

David Abraham described the look as slick, “Tussar has such a netaji look about it as a fabric that we wanted to style it in a slick, urban-modern way.”  Abraham stated, when creating the collection, how intrigued he had been by using intricate outfits but worn in a very simplistic way. For example his use of the long wrap black skirt with the Khaki temple pattern being paired up with the plain white poplin top and the stitched sari worn with the men’s shirt.

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