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Strand of Silk offers the latest collection of Indian clothes to shop online from the best Indian fashion designers.

Shop Indian dresses and tunics from the Pretty & Vivacious Collection by trueBrowns
Buy Indian jewellery, gold earrings including the Pair of Roses Earrings by Tasra
Buy Indian cashmere and pashmina scarves from Kashmir. Shop Embroidered Scarves by Zari
Buy Stylish and affordable trendy Jumpsuits

  • Sun Gods Boon Bangle design by Tsara

Riddhi and Revika

Riddhi and Revika focuses on the finesse and simplicity of design and their passion to change the approach towards designer apparel. A striking and definitive design style, their collection plays with colour, texture, shape and form with the aesthetic of the modern Indian woman in mind. Each piece is an amalgamation of the boldness, vibrancy and grace of the feminine spirit with the aim to inspire strength and confidence in the wearer.