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Indian Fashion Couture Designers

  • Indian fashion designer Dolly J

    Dolly J

    The celebration of women's strength and beauty finds yet another expression in Dolly J's 2012 A/W collection.

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  • Indian designer fashion label Dozakh by Kartikeya and Isha

    Dozakh by Kartikeya and Isha

    Dozakh, India's first Indigenous western women's wear label is known for their timeless creations.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Drashta S or Drashta Sarvaiya

    Drashta Sarvaiya

    Drashta S is known for her unique sense of combining colors and innovative texture with cutting edge silhouettes....Read More

  • Indian Designer of Accessories and Jewellery - Eina Ahluwalia

    Eina Ahluwalia

    Eina Ahluwalia's work in silver is evocative & provocative, and initiates a dialogue between the jewellery, the...Read More

  • Indian Designers Ekta and Ruchika for the label Ekru

    Ekru by Ekta and Ruchika

    Ekru by Ekta & Ruchira is a label synonymous with classic designs and understated elegance.

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  • strand of silk - indian fashion designers - Falguni & Shane Peacock

    Falguni & Shane Peacock

    Shane and Flaguni Peacock started their company and brand in 2002 with a specialisation in trousseau and custom made...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Payal Kapoor - of Brand FAMOUS

    Famous by Payal Kapoor

    Payal Kapoor creates designs for the modern woman who is enthusiastic about life.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer duo of Farah and Firdos | Indian Designer Clothes

    Farah & Firdos

    The label ‘Farah & Firdos’ are firm believer of their soul philosophy ‘fashion keeps your boredom awayâ...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Felix Bendish

    Felix Bendish

    Felix Bendish calls himself a Fashion Entrepreneur whose style is defined by strong Asian influences and historical...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Gaurang Shah

    Gaurang Shah

    Gaurang Shah creates masterpieces using Jamdani, jacquard weave with real zari on cottons and silks

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  • Indian Designer Duo of Gaurav and Ritika

    Gaurav and Ritika

    Gaurav and Ritika's design philosophy originates from a belief in the power of transformation through fashion - the...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Gaurav Gupta

    Gaurav Gupta

    Gaurav Gupta studied fashion design at CSM in London and his graduate collection was awarded the Future of Couture...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Gaurav Jai Gupta

    Gaurav Jai Gupta

    Gaurav Jai Gupta makes clothes, accessories and products for interior spaces, all of which are hand woven and...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Duo of Stylish Evening Clothes - Gauri and Nainika

    Gauri & Nanika

    Gauri & Nainika cater to a very distinct persona - one who likes to dress with a sense of occasion and is always...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Gayatri Khanna at Lakme Fashion Week

    Gayatri Khanna

    Fashion designer Gayatri Khanna's collections are defined by glamour and chic.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Hemant and Nandita

    Hemant and Nandita

    With a truckload of talent and an equal amount of chutzpah, Hemant & Nandita are all set to rule.

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  • Indian Clothing Designer Indira Baikerikar

    Indira Baikerikar

    INDIRA is a sub brand developed by parent company Vedaant bodydrapes registered exporter and manufacturer since 2002...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Isabelle Mittal and Siddharth Aryan | Indian Designer Clothes

    Isabelle Mittal

    Isabelle Mittal's brand, Izi Atelier has been founded with an aspiration to create luxurious fashion that is...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer James Ferreira on the ramp

    James Ferreira

    Long before the designer boom in India in the 1980s, there was James Ferreira - a name that was considered to be one...Read More

  • Indian designer Jatin Varma

    Jatin Varma

    Since the inception of Jatin Varma's label in the 90s, the designer has gained prominence for his atypical creations...Read More

  • Indian Designer Jattinn Kochhar

    Jattinn Kochhar

    Jattinn kochhar's lable Garuda is a combinaion of art and fashion. The designer launched his label at the age of...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Jaya Misra

    Jaya Misra

    The key phrase that runs through Jaya Misra's creations is "ethnic-innovative"

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  • Indian fashion designer Jaya Rathore

    Jaya Rathore

    Jaya Rathore's knowledge of Indian forms and traditional Indian textile craft has fueled her explorations of...Read More

  • Luxury Indian Bridal Clothes Designer JJ Valaya

    JJ Valaya

    One of India's senior most and best-known designers, JJ Valaya was born in the princely state of Rajasthan in India...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Joy Mitra

    Joy Mitra

    Joy Mitra graduated from NIFT Kolkata in 2000 and worked with designer Ritu Beri for some time and then with Aki...Read More

  • Indian Designer Joyjit Talukdar

    Joyjit Talukdar

    Joyjit Talukdar's label Ela is an organic and sustainable womenswear line produced, designed and developed in...Read More

  • Indian fashion designer Jyotee Khaitan

    Jyotee Khaitan

    Young, feisty and eye-catching: the Jyotee Khaitan label captures the spirit of the modern woman of today's world....Read More

  • Indian Accessories Designer Jyoti Kant | Indian Designer Accessories

    Jyoti Kant

    Indian Accessory designer Jyoti Kant is a graduate from the prestigious NID and creates accessories under her brand...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Jyotsna Tiwari on the ramp

    Jyotsna Tiwari

    Jyotsna Tiwari creates Indian garments that draw inspiration from western influences.

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  • Indian fashion designer Kallol Datta

    Kallol Datta 1955

    Indian fashion designer Kallol Datta studied womens wear at Central St. Martins in 2006. Afterwards he launched his...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designers - Karieshma Sarnaa

    Karieshma Sarnaa

    Karieshma Sarnaa's brand is best described as a marriage between the traditional and contemporary - concepts are...Read More

  • Indian Designer Kavita Bhartia

    Kavita Bhartia

    Kavita Bhartia, fonder of Ogaan and her label Kavita Bhartia, has been interested in fashion from a very early age...Read More

  • Contemporary Indian Fashion Designer Ken Fernandes

    Ken Fernandes

    Ken believes that a garment must be created rather than constructed, as a thing created, is loved even before it...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designers Khushboo Agarwal and Prem Kumar

    Khusboo and Prem

    Khushboo Agarwal and Prem Kumar's label Khem celebrates understated elegance and subtle Indian glamour.

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  • Indian Accessory Designer - Khyati Sahni

    Khyati Sahni

    Khyati Sahni is a budding Indian Accessories Designer who creates stylish yet sophisticated accessories which can...Read More

  • Indian Designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh

    Kiran Uttam Ghosh

    Kiran Uttam Ghosh is a graduate from Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai and launched her brand Kimono. Kimono offers the...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designers Jenjum and Jasleen creators of Koga

    Koga by Jenjum and Jasleen

    KOGA design is the collaboration of two aspiring designers JASLEEN KOCHHAR & JENJUM GADI.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Komal Sood

    Komal Sood

    Komal Sood's label, Komal Sood, epitomises refinement and luxury in fashion.

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  • Indian Designer Krishna Mehta

    Krishna Mehta

    Krishna Mehta's tryst with designing began in February 1982 after she graduated from a masters in fashion design...Read More

  • Designer of Beautiful Indian Clothes Lina Tipnis

    Lina Tipnis

    Lina Tipnis belongs to that band of designers who has steadily climbed the ladder of success with hard work and a...Read More

  • Indian Designer Little Shilpa

    Little Shilpa

    Drawing from local influences and observations, the 'Little Shilpa' label is a collection that takes a vintage idea...Read More

  • Designer of Accessories and Evening Bags from India - Malini Agarwalla

    Malaga by Malini Agarwalla

    Malini Agarwalla's label Malaga specialises in accessories that are hand-crafted including bags, belts and footwear...Read More

  • Indian Designer of Contemporary Indian Clothes Malini Ramani

    Malini Ramani

    Malini Ramani hit the Indian fashion scene with her "Rock star meets Indian Princess" look

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  • Indian Fashion Designer - Mana Gangwani

    Manav Gangwani

    Manav Gangwani is a multi-faceted designer who creates beautiful Bridal clothing for men and women.

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  • Indian Designer Mandira Wirk

    Mandira Wirk

    A product of the London School of Fashion, Mandira honed her skills in the art of fashion designing from the...Read More

  • Indian Designer Manish Arora

    Manish Arora

    Manish Arora launched his Label "Manish Arora" and started retailing in India.

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  • Indian Designer Manish Gupta

    Manish Gupta

    A fashion prodigy, Manish Gupta envisions anything but his own creative niche.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Manish Malhotra

    Manish Malhotra

    Manish Malhotra started his career in 1990 as a Costume Designer in The Indian Film Industry, popularly known as...Read More

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