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Indian Fashion Couture Designers

  • Indian Designer Mayyur Girotra

    Mayyur R Girotra by Mayyur Girotra

    Mayyur Girotra works hard to entwine threads of glamour and expert design and aims to...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Duo - 11.11 by CellDSGN

    11.11 by Celldsgn

    CellDSGN was set up in 2003 by Smita Singh Rathore and Shani Himanshu.

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  • Indian Designer Radhika Gupta

    5 Elements by Radhika Gupta

    5 Elements, is derived from the ancient Hindi phrase 'Panchtatva', creations under this label are in harmony with...Read More

  • Indian fashion designer Manoj Dubey, creator of 5 Eleven

    5 Eleven by Manoj Dubey

    Manoj Dubey, a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, launched his label in 2008.

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  • Indian Brand - Aarbe


    Aarbe by Ridhima Bagla takes the concept of designer clutches and bags to the next level by beautifully marrying...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Aarti Vijay Gupta from NIFT

    Aarti Vijay Gupta

    Aarti Vijay Gupta's strength lies in the creation of contemporary and functional clothing.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Aastha Bahl

    Aastha Bahl

    Aastha Bahl's tag line 'Designer Everyday' suggests that she wants every woman to wear a designer outfit everyday....Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Abhishek Dutta

    Abhishek Dutta

    Abhishek Dutta focuses on wearability along with a futuristic look by combining unconventional fabrics.

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  • Indian Designer Abhishek Gupta

    Abhishek Gupta

    Abhishek Gupta, winner of the Air France International Young Fashion Designers Award was the proud recipient of...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer - Abraham Thakore

    Abraham & Thakore

    Abraham & Thakore is one of India's most successful and respected brand for fashion, accessories as well as home...Read More

  • Indian fashion Designers for Wedding Clothes - Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

    Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

    Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla create collections that feature beautifully embroidered and detailed clothes.

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  • Indian Designer of Traditional Indian Clothes - Adarsh Gill

    Adarsh Gill

    Adarsh Gill's inimitable fashion contrasts gem-like shades in rich tones of luxurious taffeta, lace and chiffon with...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Agnimitra Paul on the Ramp

    Agnimitra Paul

    Agnimitra Paul is a fashion Indian designer who was born in West Bengal, India.

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  • Indian Designer Aki Narula

    Aki Narula

    Aki Narula started his fashion career in 1994 after participating in a competition organised by Damania airlines....Read More

  • Indian fashion designers Alpana & Neeraj

    Alpana & Neeraj

    Designer duo Alpana & Neeraj have been quick to make their mark in the international fashion scene.

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  • Indian Fashion Designers - Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi on the ramp with their label am:pm


    Increasingly known for their eloquent designs, Ankur and Priyanka Modi are self-confessed worshippers of quality....Read More

  • Ambar Pariddi Sahai - AMBAR PARIDDI SAHAI


    Ambar Parridi Sahai is an Indian Jewellery Designer who creates contemporary and stylish Indian Jewellery in gold,...Read More

  • Indian Designer Amit Aggarwal on the ramp at Indian Fashion Week

    Amit Aggarwal

    Amit won the Marie Claire Fashion Award for the Best Western-Wear Designer under 10 years and the Most Innovative...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Amit GT

    Amit GT

    Amit GT is a graduate from NIFT and started a label called Senses by Amit GT in 2003. The designer subsequently...Read More

  • Designer of clothes from India - Amit Talwar

    Amit Talwar

    Amit Talwar is a graduate from INFD and believes that his collections combine vintage, traditions and modern...Read More

  • Amrapalli Jewels by Indian Designers Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera

    Amrapali Jewels by Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora

    Today the brand Amrapali Jewels consists of two high tech factories and a 12,000ft headquarters and the company...Read More

  • Indian Jewellery designer of contemporary Indian Jewellery - Amrita Singh

    Amrita Singh

    Studying the intricacies of Indian art through travel and extensive independent work, Amrita draws upon the designs...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Amrita Thakur

    Amrita Thakur

    Amrita Thakur's Indian bridal garments are highlighted with elements of fun colors, minimalist embroidery yet...Read More

  • Indian Costume Designer Anaita Shroff

    Anaita Shroff

    Anaita Shroff is a fashion stylist, costume designer and the director of Vogue India magazine she has received...Read More

  • Indian Designer Anamika Khanna

    Anamika Khanna

    Strictly conformist in the non conformist way, Anamika Khanna's looks are global with ethnic Indian craft as her...Read More

  • Indian Designer Anand Bhushan

    Anand Bhushan

    Anand Bhushan is an Indian design label for fashion and textiles started by a Delhi based designer Anand Bhushan....Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Anand Kabra on the ramp at Wills Fashion Show

    Anand Kabra

    Designer Anand Kabra creates collections that feature vivid colours, vibrant motifs and embellishment as their...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Label Ananda


    The label presents collections which beautifully showcase the illustrious traditions and rich culture through its...Read More

  • Indian Designers Shobhna and Vijay Arora

    Anant By Shobhna & Vijay Arora

    Art is boundless. It sifts through the sands of time conjuring an aesthetic equilibrium around which life...Read More

  • Indian Designer Anavila Misra

    Anavila Misra

    Anavla Misra's design aesthetic is that of minimalism and purity. She creates textures and uses techniques which...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Aniket Satam

    Aniket Satam

    Each Look under Aniket Satam's label A + is injected with fresh narration of neo Indian-ness in terms of Fabric,...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer Anita Dongre

    Anita Dongre

    Anita Dongre, popularly known as the Queen of Pret is one of the most celebrated fashion designers in India.

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  • Veteran Indian Fashion Designer Anju Modi

    Anju Modi

    For Anju Modi, designing clothes is a way of life rather than an end in itself. Anju's style is synonymous with...Read More

  • Indian Designer Anuj Sharma

    Anuj Sharma

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  • Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal - Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal

    Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal

    Anupama Dayal launched Anupamaa in 2004 and has accrued remarkable success.

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  • Indian Designer Anuradha Vakil

    Anuradha Vakil

    Anuradha Vakil remains one of those few designers who have chosen to work with handcrafted textiles.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Anushka Khanna

    Anushka Khanna

    Anushka Khanna's line focuses on made to order Indian wear while her western collections feature surface texturing...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer - Anushree Reddy

    Anushree Reddy

    Anushree Reddy's collections are a blend of vintage flamboyant flora fused with age old Hyderabadi zardozi to...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer of Contemporary Indian Designer Clothes - Archana Rao

    Archana Rao

    Archana Rao thinks of fashion as functional art and makes things that you can touch and feel

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Arjun Khanna on the ramp with Ranbir Kapoor

    Arjun Khanna

    Arjun believes that clothes should be beautiful, classic and wearable. 

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  • Fashion Designer Arjun Saluja

    Arjun Saluja

    The underlying themes of his collections are those of darkness and a certain type of intensity. The designer...Read More

  • Indian Fashion Designer - Arpan Vohra

    Arpan Vohra

    Arpan Vohra is an Indian fashion designer who combines couture spirit with elements of innovative detailing.

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  • Indian Designer Arpita Mehta

    Arpita Mehta

    After two successful years with Manish Malhotra learning the fundamentals of the fashion industry, Arpita Mehta...Read More

  • strand of silk - designer from India - arpita rai

    Arpita Rai

    Arpita Rai's main goal is to create clothes that are both luxurious and certainly wearable for everyone.

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  • Fashion Designer Asa Kazingmei

    Asa Kazingmei

    Asa Kazingmei's label ‘Changvei’ can be translated in English to mean protector or...Read More

  • Indian Designers Ashima and Leena Singh

    Ashima and Leena

    The Ashima-Leena label combines Indian craftsmanship with innovative western silhouettes to create an enigmatic,...Read More

  • Indian Designer Ashish Pandey

    Ashish Pandey

    The NIFT alumnus who worships the classic, is inspired by the portrait of the global Indian.

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  • Indian Fashion Designer Ashish Soni and Salman Khan on the ramp

    Ashish Soni

     Ashish's signature lines are characterised by extreme simplicity, flawless lines, immaculate cuts and a perfect...Read More