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Indian Wedding Jewellery: Rubies, Diamonds and more......
22 nd Aug 2014

For any bride, the jewellery that she wears on her wedding day is the second most important thing after her outfit. Every would-be bride is on the lookout for exquisite pieces of jewellery that she can pair with her bridal lehenga or saree in order to look stunning on the day of her wedding. If you have not yet started shopping for your jewellery and are scouting for options, we bring to you here some of the Indian wedding jewellery sets that we totally love.

Polki Wedding Set

Among Indian wedding jewellery sets, polki jewellery is the most popular, thanks to its extensive appearance in glamorous events and movies. Polki is nothing but uncut diamond that is extremely precious both due to its rarity and the high level of craftsmanship that goes into making the jewellery. Due to its value and the traditional design, polki jewellery is regarded as an heirloom piece, passed on from one generation to another. Polki Indian wedding jewellery sets which go beautifully with both sarees and bridal lehengas.We love the Polki set complete with pearls, emeralds and enamel work that adorned Shilpa Shetty on the occasion of her wedding. Not only did it look regal, but it also added a lot of sparkle to her outfit.

Diamond Wedding Set

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends and not without reason. They are rare, precious and are forever. So it is but natural for a bride to want diamond jewellery for an occasion as special as her wedding. The beauty of diamond Indian wedding jewellery sets is that they can be paired not just with bridal lehengas and sarees but also with gowns and dresses. Here is a gorgeous diamond and emerald set from Diagold that is sure to make heads turn at your wedding. The play of light between the beautifully cut emeralds and the shimmering diamonds will sure leave you dazzling on the day of your wedding.

Gold Wedding Set

While stones, diamonds and pearls have found favour among the north Indians, the south Indian bridal jewellery is quintessentially pure gold. Stacks of beautifully crafted bangles, layers of necklaces in different lengths and heavy earrings are an integral part of south Indian wedding jewellery sets. Some brides also add a maang tika to the ensemble. Even though the jewellery is primarily designed for the saree wearing south Indian bride, they do look good on bridal lehengas too.If you are going in for south Indian wedding jewellery sets, we suggest you pick pieces that look as great individually as they do when they are worn together.

Semi-Precious stones wedding set

For those women looking for chunky or heavy pieces of jewellery with a lot of shine and shimmer, an option is to pick Indian wedding jewellery sets in semi-precious stones.Here is a set we love. The necklace and earrings with white and red stones matched beautifully with the red bridal lehenga. Styles such as these give you the option of picking jewellery that completely complements your outfit. What’s more, they come in elaborate designs that make you stand out on the most important day of your life. 

Antique Gold Wedding Set

A trend that is popular now is to wear Indian wedding jewellery sets in an antique gold design and finish. The pieces are heavy, rich and chunky and often feature popular deities in the design – be it the pendant or the bangles. Some brides go a step further and wear armbands and waistbands in similar styles. The trend is more popular among the Kanjeevaram saree wearing Indian brides than the ones who wear bridal lehengas, evidently because the design and style pairs well with silk sarees.

The designs are intricate and elaborate and the amount of craftsmanship that goes into making this kind of jewellery is befitting a bride. Bridal jewellery is something that you will cherish for many years to come. When you are out shopping for your wedding jewellery, carefully pick out unique pieces that won’t just complement your bridal outfit but will also make a statement on the day of your wedding. So what is the style that goes well with your bridal outfit? Write to us and tell us. 

How to Dress up for an Indian Wedding as a Guest
22 nd Aug 2014


Indian weddings are gala affairs replete with pomp, show and colour. While there is no set dress-code as such for the guests attending Indian weddings, it helps if you turn up in Indian wear. Women can choose a wedding saree or a wedding lehenga while men can pick a kurta or a sherwani. But what kind of wedding saree to choose? How much bling is acceptable? Will a wedding lehenga be too over the top for a guest? If you have questions like these on your mind, here is a lowdown on what to wear and how to dress up for an Indian wedding that you are attending.

When it comes to Indian wedding clothing for the guests, there are many options for the men and women to choose from.

Indian Wedding Clothing for Women:

Wedding Saree – You can wear a nice saree in silk, crepe, chiffon or georgette that has embellishments and detailing to make it dressy and festive. We’ve picked elegant and classy pieces from our collection that are perfect for a wedding guest. Take a look at them here.

Wedding Lehenga – If your wedding lehenga is not voluminous and lavish, simply go for it by toning down the look with less make up and minimal accessories. Drape the dupatta elegantly on one shoulder and sparkle at the event with grace. 

Anarkali Suit – When it comes to attending a wedding as a guest, an anarkali suit is the best option. It is trendy, elegant and dressy, all at once, without being overwhelming. Hop over here for some gorgeous anarkalis in great styles that we have for you. Pair the outfit with a nice clutch and shiny footwear and you are all set to roll at the wedding. 


Indian Wedding Clothing for Men:

Kurta Pyjama – A well tailored kurta paired with a pyjama can never go wrong at a wedding. Keep the look stylish and comfortable. Pair the outfit with sandals, jootis or chappals. Throw in a dupatta over the kurta if you feel like jazzing up the outfit. If you are not sure what to pick, take a look at some of the wedding kurtas we have on offer here. Be it a wedding or any other festive occasion, these outfits are a great choice. 

Sherwani – If the wedding is in the family, then we suggest that you go for a sherwani rather than a kurta pyjama set. It lends a sophisticated touch to your outfit and looks regal too. Take a look at our sherwanis here and you will know what we are talking about. Pair them with a pyjama or a dhoti and celebrate the family wedding in style. 


Now that we have seen what your options are when it comes to outfits, here is a quick look at some of the pointers you should keep in mind while selecting the outfit for the wedding.

1. Keep it simple

While some women do not miss the opportunity to unwrap all their finery to show them off at a wedding ceremony, we suggest you avoid over-dressing for the occasion. That certainly does not mean that you wear a plain outfit. We would advise you to pick a wedding saree or a wedding lehenga in a subtle colour with delicate embellishments. If the blouse of your wedding saree or the dupatta of your wedding lehenga appear too lavish, trade them for pieces that are less extravagant. Else, wear a dressy anarkali suit with elaborate detailing so that your outfit does not clash with the bride’s outfit. That way, you will not be competing with the bride for attention but will certainly get appreciative nods from onlookers. For the men, we suggest that you stick to simple and clean lines, neutral colours, minimal thread work and fabrics that are rich but not too flashy. Silk, khadi or cotton kurtas in beige, mustard or brown are safe bets.

2. Avoid Black and White

We know what you are thinking. Why would anyone ask you to avoid the most basic colours that never go out of style? Well, in India, the colours black and white are not considered very auspicious, more so black. So it would be improper to turn up for a festive occasion in those colours. Women could wear red or maroon, but again, chances are high that the bride’s wedding saree or the wedding lehenga is one of the two colours. So the best option would be to stick to tried and tested colours like yellow, green, blue or pink.

3. Nothing too tight or too revealing

One of the most important things to remember is that the wedding ceremony and the events that precede and follow them are long drawn and time consuming. So it is always better to wear comfortable clothes that are not too tight. Also, since the wedding guests would include elderly folks of the couple, it is always better to stick to clothes that are not too tight or revealing. That skin-tight, low-cut blouse of your wedding lehenga or wedding saree may look fabulous on you, but it isn’t what you want to flaunt when it could make you or the onlookers uncomfortable.

4. Don’t go too casually dressed

An Indian wedding is not really the occasion to turn up in daily wear cotton clothes. Since you are going to be surrounded by bling, you may as well dress up to mix in with the crowd that will be dazzling in stunning wedding sarees, wedding lehengas and anarkali suits. Wear one of your special festive outfits and show attention to detail while putting your ensemble together. Line your eyes generously, dab on your favourite lipstick and do something different with your hair so that it is not one of those “normal day” looks anymore!

5. Bling factor: Jewellery

The one thing that gets religiously observed at Indian weddings is the jewellery. If it is your first time at an Indian wedding, don’t become conscious if you are getting stared it. Most women keep an eye out for unique pieces of jewellery worn by other guests. Now that you know that your jewellery will be the most watched element, why not bring out some of your best pieces to go with your wedding saree, wedding lehenga or anarkali suit? Limit your selection to one statement neckpiece, beautiful earrings and a couple of bangles to go with your wedding saree or wedding lehenga. Want to buy some stunning pieces of jewellery? Go and check our selection of handpicked fine designer jewellery here


Indian weddings are a celebration of colour and style. Go all out wear clothes that reflect the happy and momentous occasion that a wedding is. While you are at the wedding, shake a leg and participate in the festivities. We are sure that you will cherish the memories and your pictures will bear testimony to all the fun you had!

Five Ways to Recycle your Indian Wedding Outfit
22 nd Aug 2014


Come on and just accept it - after the wedding, the wedding outfit that you so painstakingly selected ends up in the cupboard, wrapped in its original packaging in the case of most of you reading this post. The wedding outfit holds a sentimental value in all our lives. Some of us want to preserve it by carefully stowing it away to pass it onto your next generation.

For some, it is just way too extravagant to wear during a festive occasion or to another wedding. But what is the use of such a beautiful outfit if it does not see the light of the day? So whether it is a lavish wedding lehenga or a gorgeous and heavy wedding saree, we tell you here ways to recycle your wedding outfit so that you can wear it even after your wedding and cherish the memories associated with the outfit every time you wear it.

  1. Wear the wedding saree with a simple blouse

If you are wearing your heavy wedding saree for any occasion, make sure to cut down on the bling by eliminating the overtly embellished blouse. Pair the wedding saree with a simple contrasting blouse and minimal jewellery and a non-fussy hairdo. This way, only your saree will stand out while all the other elements in your outfit will remain muted.

  1. Work the blouse of the wedding saree

How can you not show off all the hard work the designer has put into your fancy blouse? So bring out the dressy wedding blouse and wear it with a simpler saree in a contrasting colour so that your blouse is the centre of all the attention. See what we did there? We used both your wedding saree and blouse, albeit at different occasions.

  1. Separate the wedding lehenga set

Just like the saree and blouse, you can separate the elements of your wedding lehenga set and wear them separately. The lehenga can be worn with a plain blouse with a simple dupatta draped over it like the saree drape. A short choli from the wedding lehenga set can be worn with a saree as a blouse. If your wedding lehenga came with a longer choli, consider pairing it with a pair of palazzo pants or an ethnic skirt. You can reuse the magnificent dupatta from your wedding lehenga set with a salwar kameez or an anarkali suit.

  1. Repurpose the outfit

You can take an extravagant wedding lehenga and convert it into a beautiful party-wear anarkali suit. Similarly, you can cut away the heavy embellishments in the border of your wedding saree and use it to adorn other festive outfits or make a dressy clutch out of it. To the remaining part of the wedding saree, you can then get your tailor to attach a more simple and elegant border. Voila! You have two new outfits you can wear for any occasion. If your wedding lehenga came with a long choli, you can get your tailor to make a jacket out of it that you can throw on any top to jazz it up.

  1. Wear it as is

The best way to use your wedding outfit after the wedding is to wear it as is at a close friend or a relative’s wedding. If you tone down the entire ensemble with minimal jewellery and makeup, you can be rest assured that it will not look over the top. Don’t do too much with your hair and keep the rest of the elements in your look neutral and you are good to go.


So what are you waiting for? Unwrap your wedding clothes now and get down to flaunting them and reliving the memories of your big day.

Highlights of the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014
20 th Aug 2014

The sixth edition of the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week was held between 7th and 10th August at New Delhi. The three day gala event, held in DLF Emperio, India’s finest luxury destination, showcased the latest wedding collections of some of the finest designers in the country. The bridal collections featured exotic gowns, exquisite wedding sarees and enchanting wedding lehengas paired with scintillating jewellery.

The show was opened by Tarun Tahiliani with a spectacular collection called “The Modern Mughals”. The collection comprised of gorgeous wedding sarees with intricate embellishments and floral patterns, kalidar kurtas and beautifully designed wedding lehengas. The opulent wedding sarees and lehengas in silk, brocade and tulle were adorned with zari and sequins. He also presented his men’s range that included dhotis, sherwani, jodhpurs and kurtas in black with accents of orange, gold and othe unconventional colours.

While Tahiliani’s designs were ethnic and Indian, in the second show of Day 1, Gauri and Nainika showcased western outfits in neoprene fabric in three colours- red, white and black. The edgy outfits were fit for the bride who wants to break the norms and make a statement. Simple lines, minimal design and sharp cuts were the elements that stood out in the collection.

Tarun Tahiliani's Collection at the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014

Day 2 kicked off with Ashima-Leena’s collection called Jashn. The collection, influenced by Rajasthan was showcased on the ramp that was transformed into a desert setting with the use of sand and other props. The extravagant wedding lehengas were decorated with hand embroidery that lent a feminine and regal touch to all the outfits. Nayanika Chatterjee opened the show in an embellished pink sharara with floral designs. The collection made use of a stunning colour palette ranging from bright gold, soft green, turquoise blue to burnt red. The designer duo showcased shararas, wedding sarees with exquisite blouses, kurtis and ghaghras alongside wedding lehengas. Supermodel Ujjwala Raut was the showstopper in a blue wedding lehenga with multicoloured embroidery and an embellished red dupatta.

The second show of day 2 was the collection by Raghavendra Rathore called “Reincarnating Relics”, inspired by the Indian cultural heritage. The show began with the men’s collection that featured jodhpuris, dhotis, kurtas, bandhgalas and sherwanis for men. What was the highlight of the menswear collection was the use of bright colours like pink, aubergine, orange and navy blue. If you went looking for wedding sarees and rich wedding lehengas in the women’s wear collection, then you would have been disappointed, because the collection was feminine take on sherwanis, jodhpuris, long kurtas and bandhgalas. Models sashayed on the ramp in well fitted pants teamed with embroidered jackets, long embellished kurtas paired with plain organza skirts and bandhgalas teamed with loose pants and lehengas.

Indian Fashion Designer Raghvendra Singh Rathore's Collection at the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014

Day 3 of the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week started with a display of stunning wedding jewellery by associate sponsor AZVA. AZVA’s jewellery is inspired by the seven sacred vows of the Indian wedding tradition. Beautiful brides scorched the ramp in contemporary jewellery designed by AZVA. The collection featured chunky and multilayered “rani-haars” with a modern twist, large hoop earrings, studded bangles and intricate floral designs in the jewellery. Again, one did not see the models in wedding saris or anarkali suits or wedding lehengas, but they walked the ramp in monotone gowns, dresses and blazers with fitted pants. The collection itself was designed keeping the modern day bride in mind, such that it can be paired beautifully with both Indian and western outfits. Nargis Fakhri was the showstopper in an opulent AZVA choker with delicate designs which she paired with a Nikhil Thampi cut-out gown.

If you thought that the event had its share of unconventional outfits already, wait till you see what Falguni and Shane Peacock had in store for the audience on day 3. They teamed wedding sarees and wedding lehengas with biker jackets, crop tops and jerseys in their collection titled “Savage Nuit” for the modern and sporty young bride. Rather than pairing a wedding saree with an embroidered blouse, they used jerseys. The wedding lehengas were paired with crop tops while wedding gowns were made more interesting with edgy jackets. However, this did not mean that the collection was low on bling. The wedding sarees and wedding lehengas in off white, peach, pink, navy and black were replete with heavy embroidery and intricate designs.

The day ended with Suneet Verma’s royal collection titled “The Shekhawati Princess” which drew inspiration from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. The collection featured salwar suits, gorgeous anarkalis, wedding sarees and wedding lehengas fit for the wedding and the pre-wedding events. Deep red, navy, cobalt blue and fuschia ruled the ramp alongside pastels and white. All the outfits showcased in the collection featured ornate embroidery, extravagant mirror work and plush fabrics, fit for the bride. Kangana Ranaut, who was the showstopper for the collection left the audience spellbound in a unique choli paired with a fishtail lehenga and a velvet dupatta.

Suneet Verma at the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014

The final day of the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week began with Jyotsna Tiwari’s collection called “Under the Stars”. The collection featured pre-draped wedding sarees, traditional anarkalis, eye-catching gowns and wedding lehengas in colours ranging from gold to turquoise to pink. You can find Jyotsna Tiwari’s collection of pre-draped sarees and gowns here.

BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 - Jyotsna Tiwari's collection of Sarees and Gowns

The penultimate show of the fashion week showcased the collection by Muzzafar and Meera Ali that represented the essence of the Awadhi culture. While one saw the regular embellished wedding sarees and wedding lehengas on the ramp, what stood out were the angrakhas, embroidered overcoats and embellished long kurtas in rich colours.

The final show of the event was by the master craftsman JJ Valaya who presented his collection titled the “Nautch of Fez” – clothes inspired by Indian and Moroccan cultures interspersed with elements that were a part of the nautch girls system of the past.  If the wedding lehengas, wedding sarees and the anarkalis featured in the show could be summed up in one word, it would be “lavish”. Everything about the collection was rich – be it the fabrics, the colours or the intricate craftsmanship on them. Silks, velvet, crepe and dupion ruled the ramp. Shraddha Kapoor was the showstopper of the event in a multicoloured saree-type ensemble with morroccan motifs and gota work.

JJ Valaya's Grand Finale at the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014

The BMW India Bridal Fashion Week was all about aesthetics, precision, perfection, style and extravagance – all the values cherished by BMW and its exclusive clientele.

Images: Indian Wedding Site, One Soul Life, Zeegnition, A Fashionista's Diary

Shopping for Wedding Sarees Online
14 th Aug 2014


With the advent of e-commerce, shopping has not been the same anymore. It not just saves time and trouble but also gives you a fantastic opportunity to buy things that are perhaps not available in your part of the city. Early adapters who started with buying books online are now perhaps buying even their clothes and groceries from the comfort of their home. But many still regard shopping for clothes online with some scepticism, especially expensive clothes like wedding sarees or other Indian wedding clothing.

Wedding shopping is by no means an easy job. The first hurdle is to find an outlet that sells exquisite Indian wedding clothing that matches your taste. Next is to find the time to visit the outlet to pick out your wedding saree or other Indian wedding clothing. Add to it the confusion caused by the coterie that accompanies you. By the time you select one saree, you are out of patience and energy. Multiply that by the number of sarees that you would need for the different ceremonies during the wedding and we are sure you are going to throw your hands up in frustration. This is where the ease of shopping for wedding sarees online comes to picture.

When you shop online for wedding sarees, the biggest plus is the time that you save. If you are seeking exclusive designer wear, then chances are that you might have to travel to a different city in order to get to a particular boutique. Don’t you think it will be a boon to save all that time? We know you are thinking. What about the fit of the blouse and checking whether the outfit complements your skin tone and body? What about touch and feel while buying expensive Indian wedding clothing? At Strand of Silk, we have given these issues a thought and have come up with a simple solution.

We offer you contemporary designer wear with excellent craftsmanship and exquisite designs. We offer a wide range of wedding sarees and lehengas in a variety of materials like brocade, silk, chiffon and georgette. The beauty about shopping online for Indian wedding sarees or lehengas at Strand of Silk is that we give you an option to get the outfit “Made for you”. You can buy a particular wedding saree or lehenga online and get it customised to suit your taste. Maybe choose a different colour, embellishments or fit.  You will have a team assigned to you that will guide you through the process of measurement and the possibilities for customisation so that you can have the dress actually made to fit you. Once you have discussed your needs and measurements with the team, we get to work on your outfit.

If you are not really sure about investing so much on an outfit that you have not seen or felt, we offer you a unique service called “Experience the Dress”, where you can touch, feel and wear the dress to check how it looks on you. The wedding saree or lehenga is delivered to your doorstep and you can actually try the dress and show it off to friends and family. Once you have tried it on, you can keep the same outfit if it fits you like a dream or can return it to us and get a customised version of the same to suit your taste and fit.

Whatever option you choose, we have a great delivery system that ensures timely and efficient delivery and one return for alterations. What’s more, the alterations are free of charge! Not just this, the team member who handles your order will be there to guide you through the entire purchase and customisation process and also give you styling assistance.

With so many advantages to it, we don’t know what is stopping you from shopping for your wedding sarees or other Indian wedding clothing online. Try it once and we guarantee you a memorable experience. 


What to Expect in the Lakme Fashion Week Winter-Festive 2014
11 th Aug 2014

The Lakme fashion week Winter/Festive 2014 that is all set to kick off on the 20th of August promises to be bigger and better than its previous editions. For one, the five day gala event has a new venue – the plush Palladium Hotel in Mumbai. Two, the organizers are giving an opportunity to new designers to showcase their collections alongside well-established designers and are also coming up with innovative ideas to get the who’s who of the fashion world and bollywood to be in attendance. You can expect beautifully designed clothes, elaborate wedding lehengas and exquisite wedding sarees to be on display during the event.

For the first time in the history of the Lakme Fashion Week, Hamley’s, in association with Barbie and Hot Wheels, will present a kids fashion show featuring 20 kids sashaying on the ramp is designer outfits. LFW is also hosting four exceptional Pakistani designers this year - Faiza Samee, Sania Maskatiya, Zara Shahjahan and Rizwan Beyg who will display trendy and chic casual wear alongside gorgeous bridal wear that includes wedding sarees, wedding lehengas and fabulous anarkali suits.

The fashion week will be opened by Masaba Gupta and Amit Agarwal who are both making their debut as opening designers this year. Masaba will present her collection called “Wanderess”, inspired by the author Roman Payne. Expect the signature style of Masaba Gupta – both and trendsetting styles. Alongside Masaba, Amit Agarwal will be presenting his collection of couture dresses with architectural and tribal influences with menswear details. These opening shows, presented by DHL will see the use of the bright yellow of DHL in clothes to kick start the season with high energy. 

Also presenting their collections through the week are popular designers like Vikram Phadnis, Varun Bahl, Anita Dongre , Shruti Sancheti and Shantanu & Nikhil, to name a few. Look out for Shruti Sancheti’s tribute to the silk fabric – Strands of Silk (yes, you read that right!) – on Textile Day.  Her collection makes extensive use of Benaras silk and Pochampalli, with intricate zari detailing. Do not expect wedding sarees, wedding lehengas in her collection of silk outfits, because the designer is showcasing all these traditional weaves in trendy silhouettes. Her collection will have sharara jumpsuits, palazzo pants, circular anarkalis with jackets and blouses, for the woman who believes in restrained opulence and understated luxury. 

Noted designer Anita Dongre will present her collection titled “India Modern” at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive. Her collection fuses Indian crafts and textiles with contemporary styles for the modern day Indian bride. The collection will have wedding lehengas with crop tops, embellished jackets paired with embroidered pants as well as feminine gowns. You can shop for Anita Dongre’s lehengas here.

The Grand Finale of the show will be presented by India’s celebrated designer Manish Malhotra and will feature Kareena Kapoor as the showstopper. Manish will be presenting the Lakme Absolut Bridal trousseau which promises to be high on glamour. Expect elaborate wedding sarees, wedding lehengas, anarkali suits and salwar-kurtas in vibrant colours and luxurious styles, all inspired by Lakme Absolut Gloss.

What to Expect in the Lakme Fashion Week Winter-Festive 2014 - Alia Bhatt on the ramp for Indian Designer Manish Malhotra

This fashion week will also showcase two British High Street Fashion Brands – River Island and Miss Selfridge. The fashion week promises to be an event packed with vibrancy, style, glitz and glamour. All you ladies gearing up for your wedding, do come back here as we cover the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive for gorgeous wedding sarees, wedding lehengas and contemporary wear showcased at the event.

Image: Indian Express

Ever-Increasing Demand for Gold Jewellery
10 th Aug 2014



Indians love gold, so much so that, India accounts for c. 25% of the world demand for gold in 2013. Demand arises in the form of Jewellery as well as other forms like bars and coins. A shirt made of 22 carat gold to become the next fashion statement? Unlikely. But it certainly shows the allure of the yellow metals for Indians.

It is considered auspicious in India to gift gold for important events like weddings. Many communities have considered gold Jewellery a safe form of investment for generations, and this certainly is driving demand. Last year, the Modi government imposed stringent hikes on the import duties on gold in India from 1% at the start of 2012 to 10%, and also other restrictions like mandatory re-export of 20% of imports.

These measures, while helping to control India’s growing fiscal deficit, also had the inevitable impact of increase in prices locally.

Ever-Increasing Demand for Gold Jewellery - Indian Premium for Gold Prices

Did this dampen India’s appetite for Jewellery? According to the World Gold Council data, the overall consumption rose by 100 tonnes from the 975 tonnes consumed in 2013. The demand for jewellery remained relatively stable to the demand for coins and bars.

Demand for Gold Jewellery in India, Indian Bridal Jewellery

This is just limited amount of data, but clearly demonstrates the resilience of demand for gold jewellery over other forms of gold. In fact, the demand for jewellery has returned to the 5 year average in Q1 2014 already. The reasons could be multiple, but based on generally accepted demand sources, weddings are one of the most resilient sources of demand.

Indian Bridal Jewellery - Demand for Jewellery in India near 5 year average

Indian import restrictions are expected to be relaxed, and possibly completely removed by Diwali 2014. This is certainly going to increase demand further, as people are once again going to flock to buying gold. Longer term however, specifically for bridal jewellery, there might be a scenario where gold jewellery forms a smaller proportion of the spending and a larger proportion is spent on other investment forms. Diamond jewellery could be a very serious candidate that gets the benefits of the diversification. Reasons could include the aspirational middle class that is looking to buy jewellery to flaunt their wealth.

From an older report by Bain, the demand trends in India are increasing and expected to continue increasing. Added to this “flaunting” trend, the acceptability of diamonds as an investment form are likely to shift demand further away from gold.

Demand for Gold Jewellery in India - Diamonds as a form of Investment

Diamond Jewellery market in India - Demand for Indian Bridal Jewellery in Gold

Indians are not going to stop buying gold jewellery for weddings anytime soon, but the data, trends, price volatility of gold, and government controls might just encourage people to consider buying diamond jewellery for Indian weddings. We’re not holding our breath though.

Sources of Data and Charts: World Gold Council, Bain Consulting Reports, Datta Phuge Picture from Huffington Post

Choosing a Wedding Saree for Your Big Day
07 th Aug 2014


We know that the most important aspect of your wedding shopping is the selection of the wedding saree. When we say wedding sarees, we know you’re thinking bright colours, rich fabrics, traditional motifs and intricate handwork. While this is the norm, an increasing number of women are also choosing subdued colours or simple designs that are both elegant and comfortable. The growing tribe of designers are customizing Indian wedding outfits to cater to both the sections of women. The options when it comes to choosing the wedding outfit are endless and confusing. So how do you go about choosing the right wedding saree which will make you dazzle on your wedding day? We give you a few pointers here. 





Indian wedding outfits have been traditionally associated with bright colours like red, maroon and yellow. With the influence of modern fashion trends, the latest fad in Indian wedding outfits is the use of unconventional tones. Turquoise, pink, fuschia and lime green are all making a splash on wedding sarees this wedding season. While deciding the colour for your bridal outfit, make sure to pick a colour that goes well with your skin tone.

Two tone sarees are also a rage since they let you offset a traditional colour with a contemporary one like this Raakesh Agarvwal saree. It comes with a sequin sheeted skirt and a corset with a one shoulder strap. Beautiful crystal embroidery all over the outfit is enough to turn you into a ravishing diva. 


When it comes to wedding sarees, Kanjeevarams are still a hot favourite among the South Indians while the North Indians are experimenting with newer fabrics in a big way. If you want to make a statement in a kanjeevaram silk saree, pick one with bright hues and offbeat motifs. Else, you can always go in for chiffon, georgette, tissue or a satin saree that is easier to manage, comes in myriad colours and gives you the chance to use embellishments. Due to the pervasive influence of bollywood on Indian wedding outfits, many brides are choosing sarees with a net pallu and a heavily embroidered border on it as seen on the big screen. 

If you are slightly on the heavier side, we suggest you stick to the silk fabric that will drape well, hide your flab and make you look lean. 


What is an Indian wedding outfit without embellishments? Whether you want to go in for a traditional look or a modern one, a look of grandeur or elegance, you can pick a saree with craftsmanship that reflects your taste.

You can choose pearl, Swarovski or stone embellishments to add some dazzle to your wedding sarees. Zardosi and embroidery are other popular choices for embellishments in the Indian wedding outfits. Choose a pattern that matches your bridal jewellery. However, if you are going to be wearing a lot of jewellery, then we advise you to pick a wedding saree with minimum embellishments like this shimmering golden number. Wedding sarees like this will form the perfect canvas that will let your blouse, the embroidered belt and your jewellery do the talking. 

In Conclusion, whatever you select, at the end of the day, it is important for you to feel comfortable in the wedding saree and for it to drape well. Before making the purchase, be sure that the colour of the wedding saree will complement your skin tone and that the material will flatter your figure. That way, you can be sure to make heads turn at your wedding. 

Iconic Indian Bridal Lehengas that Sparkled on the Silver Screen
05 th Aug 2014

The fashion scene in India has a plethora of designers who come up with innovative designs season after season. Despite the profusion of collections from both new and established designers, most women levitate towards movies when it comes to borrowing fashion ideas. Nothing creates an impact that is as powerful as Bollywood.  So it does not come as a surprise that on their big day, brides also want to be dressed in Indian wedding clothing that resembles the bridal wear they see on screen. With wedding scenes being a staple in most Bollywood movies, there is no dearth for Indian bridal lehenga designs to borrow from. Are you also looking at Bollywood for inspiration to choose your Indian bridal lehenga? If yes, then we show you some iconic actresses in Indian bridal lehengas who sparkled on the silver screen.

Orange Lehenga worn by Kareena in 3 Idiots

Description: kareena 3 idiots bridal lehenga.jpg

If there were ever norms regarding Indian wedding clothing, then Kareena has broken every single one of them with this outfit of hers. Conventional short sleeves and choli are ditched in favour of long sleeves and a long kurta type top over the lehenga. The colour of the lehenga is an amalgamation of rust and orange with a pink dupatta thrown in. The outfit is nothing like the traditional Indian bridal lehengas in terms of the silhouette. Yet, it manages to embody all that Indian wedding clothing stands for – elegant design, rich fabrics and shimmering embellishments. The embellished belt clutching the waist works wonderfully to accentuate it. Along the entire outfit including the borders you will notice the diamond shaped “butta” work in rust thread.  Indian wedding clothing in this design will work really well if you have a lean figure and long limbs. Do stay away from such silhouettes if you are bottom heavy since the long top will add an extra layer over the lehenga. Also make sure to pair such an outfit with kundan or stone jewellery that will stand out against the dull gold thread work on it. If you are in love with the full sleeves and the power that this lehenga exudes, then do take a look at this gorgeous golden Narendra Kumar lehenga that comes with a full sleeved embroidered jacket.

Aishwarya Rai in Jodhaa Akbar

Description: aishwarya-jodha-look-indian-wedding-lehenga.jpg

This outfit from Jodhaa Akbar would hands down win the award for the most resplendent Indian bridal lehenga on screen. Aishwarya is dressed in a vivid maroon lehenga choli with ornate dull gold embroidery and zardosi work. The short choli is completely covered in embroidery while the dupatta is kept plain. Mirror work breaks the monotony on the plain dupatta. The lehenga has thread work and sequins along the border. Royal Rajputana jewellery adds an element of sparkle in the ensemble. The beauty of Indian wedding clothing like this is that, minus the elaborate accessories, it can be worn during festivals or special occasions. If a red outfit like this is what you want, then take a look at our red appliqué embroidered lehenga by Narendra Kumar. The red lehenga has exquisite appliqué embroidery while the choli is covered by sequins throughout. It is a classic case of tradition meets modern and is perfect for the modern Indian bride.

Deepika’s pink lehenga in Break ke Baad

Description: deepika lehenga

With changing times, Indian wedding clothing has also become more liberal. Sleeveless and extremely short cholis that were earlier frowned upon now make a regular appearance in Indian wedding outfits. Case in point this onion pink lehenga worn by Deepika Padukone in Break ke baad. If you are planning to look fetching in a shimmering sleeveless choli such as this, make sure that your arms are well toned and you have mean washboard abs. The pink lehenga in georgette and silk comes with zardosi work encrusted with stones and sequins. The entire length of the lehenga is adorned by thread work. A similar pattern can be seen on the tissue dupatta. The choli is made with pre-strung sequinned fabric. An Indian bridal lehenga like this gives you wide options to experiment with jewellery. You can try traditional gold jewellery, kundan jewellery or even silver if you want to make a statement. Pair the outfit with many bangles since the choli is sleeveless. Here is a similar outfit with a short sleeveless choli by Raakesh Agarvwal. It comes in varying shades of pink with crystal bead embroidery. If you are looking for Indian wedding clothing to show off intricate mehendi designs all over your arms then this is the perfect outfit for you.

Katrina Kaif in Singh is King

Description: katrina indian wedding lehenga.jpg

This lovely belle scorched the silver screen in a beautiful Indian bridal lehenga in the movie Singh is King. Indian wedding clothing of this silhouette, fitted at the hips, looks great on women with an hourglass figure. This outfit has a teal coloured choli which is a refreshing change. However, the designer plays it safe by pairing a red lehenga with it. Both the lehenga and the dupatta have a teal patchwork in the border. The choli has sequins and stone detailing in silver along the neckline and the sleeves. The lehenga comes with elaborate zardosi embroidery reaching all the way up to the knees. Another striking feature of the lehenga is the belt-like embellishment that clutches and accentuates the waist. If you are not too willing to bare your midriff in a short choli like this, you can always take cue from Katrina and drape the dupatta like a pallu over the torso. Here is a yellow wedding lehenga in a similar design. Yellow is considered auspicious and signifies prosperity. The Rakesh Agarvwal lehenga comes with a bandhini dupatta and an elegant waist band.

Rani Mukherji in Kabhi Alvida Na kehna

Description: rani-mukherjee-wedding-lehenga.jpg

Here is another classic wedding lehenga from the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Rani wears a crimson lehenga with gold zardosi work all over the choli and the skirt. The rich gold detailing and the contrast created by the red fabric make this piece of Indian wedding clothing the stuff of every woman’s dreams. This Indian Bridal lehenga is the perfect choice for women who are not very comfortable showing skin. The choli is long and reaches till the waist. The skirt is neither too flared nor too fitted and comes with a festive green border. Both the choli and the lehenga come with embellishments and zardosi work that are not just intricate but are dazzling too. If you love this design but don’t want a red outfit, then may we suggest this lovely pink lehenga with silver zardosi work all over and beautiful embroidered dupatta.

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a lehenga inspired by Bollywood. You can scout for styles that are similar to what your favourite actress wore be it on the basis of colour or design. Remember to make sure that that colour and the silhouette suit your complexion and body type. Once you do that, there is no stopping you from looking ravishing on your wedding day.

Images: Pinterest, SparklesnFlorals(wordpress), KatrinaKaifV(wordpress)

Has Amazon Changed E-retail in India?
02 nd Aug 2014

Last year Amazon entered India. The entry wasn’t with as much fanfare as most would have expected but it caused quite a big bang in the e-retail sector. After all, we are talking about a company that, in its twenty years of existence, has become well-known for its aggressive and high-investment business model. And it entered India with pretty deep pockets considering the company has a market cap of USD 143 billion. (Forbes India)

But what did this entry mean for other e-retail players? Has it actually changed things? Yes! And how! The single biggest signal of things having been shaken was the acquisition of a prominent fashion retailer by India’s biggest home-grown e-tailer for an estimated USD 370 million. (The Economic Times) And according to consulting firm Technopak, the consolidation process is only going to continue, with players with common investors looking at mergers, and niche and specialty players being acquired by bigger e-tailers. (

With its marketplace model, Amazon has very smartly avoided huge inventory costs and now the e-commerce market as a whole is undergoing quite a transformation. There is an increased improvement in logistics and infrastructure. Amazon was the first e-commerce company in the country to introduce ‘guaranteed delivery’. They also offer next-day delivery on almost 2 lakh products in 20 cities and same-day delivery in select cities. Other top e-tailers, not to be outdone, also offer similar services with one top ecommerce company offering two-hour delivery as well. (Forbes India) According to experts studying the industry, Amazon’s experience in the e-tailing business also means that fake and sub-standard goods will be weeded out of the market.

E-retail portals are also reaching out to tier II and tier III cities in a bid to crank up sales and reach areas where products are not available in brick and mortar settings. And the strategy is paying off with top retail sites reporting almost 50% of their sales from lesser-marketed-to areas. (Business Standard)

But in a market known to be more focussed on the next best deal than vendor loyalty, getting customers to bite the bait can still be a bit of a task. And this is where business with huge funding and strong leaders will emerge as market winners. With portals posting losses in millions and the anxiousness to acquire customers rising, the ecommerce market is volatile and will witness a lot of changes in the coming months.

One thing that the e-retail war has made clear in the past few months though, is that as these sites battle it out to come tops, the customer is reaping the benefits. His position as king is cemented and there is no doubting that. 


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